Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow Crack/Patch

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow A sequel to the original Pirates of the Caribbean, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow features a blend of fast-paced action and adventure that captures the entertaining characters, settings, and spirit of the first movie. Piracy, smuggling, buried treasure (not to mention kidnapping, sword fighting looting, pilfering, and other acts of villainy)...what's not to love about Captain Jack Sparrow? Jack Sparrow is the ultimate video game character - with his cocky swagger and his offbeat personality - and players are be able to experience his adventures first hand in this action game. Gamers slash and hack their way through a dozen locations, with fully interactive levels and varied gameplay. The action takes place in a variety of lush, immersive settings, including burning buildings, wrecked ships, and misty moonlit caves. The gameplay experience finds gamers fighting hordes of their enemies one minute, while in the next they're evading capture by the Royal Navy. Gamers learn new moves and combos as the game progresses, allowing even more spectacular, and deadly attacks during combat. [Bethesda Softworks]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 51 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1446
Genre Action Adventure, Historic, General
Players 1-2
Company / Developer
Bethesda Softworks / 7 Studios

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Legend of Jack Sparrow reviews ( 5 )

Shoes, Dec 3, 2006

Not the best, not the worst. I lost interest in the game quickly, and Elizabeth's voice is possitively FAKE! Good game to play when there's not much else to do, although it can be fun. Horrible interface.

Doug, Aug 6, 2006

Possibly not the worst game I have ever played. Possibly. This drags Ubisoft and Bethesdas name through the mud. I often regret it when I impulse buy before checking metacritic. This is one of this times. Do not touch. Not even with the sharp end of a rapier.

MikeW., Aug 13, 2007

What was wrong with the first Pirates Of The Caribbean? Why do we have to suffer these poor linear games inspired by movies when all we ever wanted were improvements to the original.

AnnaJ., Aug 8, 2006

Nice, but VERY frusrating!!!! Got stuck right at the beginning of game, coz I don't have a 'left analogue stick'....HELP!!!!! Somebody please tell me if there's ANY way to overcome this problem and get past that gate 1 minute into the game!!!

Johnnyvamjebemater, Dec 22, 2006

This game is the worst fucking piece of shit i've ever seen in my entire fucking life. What the fuck were they thining. I dont know about you but my computer doesnt seem to have a fucking "left analog stick". Goddamnit. //?"#&=(&/!)q&&)//&!&&/$!%. If anyone can get the names of the people in the team thet designed the game I would love to get them so i can put them on my black list and burn their houses down. If anyone can get in touch with bethesda pleas send them to hell for me.