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PixelJunk Shooter In PixelJunk Shooter, players pilot a subterranean vehicle to explore the interior of diverse cave-like complexes. The player must affect the surrounding and dynamic terrain to progress. The goal is to safely navigate through each vivid stage and rescue survivors scattered about the cavernous environment. Each stage is in-effect a flow simulation whereby the player attempts to control various types of liquid (water, magma, etc) and solid matter (rock, earth) either by destroying it, manipulating it or moving it. These dynamic fluid effects are at the heart of the games visuals. Strategy is paramount in PixelJunk Shooter. The piloted craft is susceptible to extremes of heat, so the player must be careful about the craft's proximity to magma. If the craft becomes too hot, the player can regain a comfortable temperature by plunging into the nearest water source. Additionally, each stage presents a puzzle scenario for the player to solve in order to safely rescue as many survivors as possible. Both environmental elements and enemies, including Bosses, will attempt to hamper the player's progress.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1192
Genre Action, Shooter, Static, Shoot-'Em-Up, Top-Down
Company / Developer
Double Eleven / Q-Games
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PixelJunk Shooter reviews ( 4 )

Swiftpaw, Nov 12, 2013

Combining physics and cavern flight elements into one game, this game does not disappoint. I've been very impressed with Pixeljunk's focus on game play as they seem to get it perfect in both this game and Monsters, always making it fun and enjoyable. I have not finished this game yet, but it is progressing nicely so far. The interface is great, the controls are great, the music and sound is great, things are self-explanatory or easy to figure out, and I haven't found any bugs so far. It's difficult to rate graphics in a game that isn't trying to have super detailed graphics, so instead I'll say the graphics are great for what they are trying to be. To fairly give this game a lower score than a 10/10 would mean finding another game with very similar game play to compare it against, but I don't know of any such game so I think this deserves its own category.

Osprey850, Nov 16, 2013

This is a fun, unique little game. It controls like Asteroids and your goal is rescuing civilians, like Choplifter, giving it an old school charm, but its physics and puzzles also make it feel modern. You control your ship's movement with WASD and your aiming with the mouse. Both are completely independent, so you can move one way and shoot the other, for example. Your job is to pilot your ship through a planet to rescue miners, which you do by right clicking to grab them with your tractor beam-like device. Left click is for shooting at a variety of underground creatures and for blasting away rock that may be in your path. Once you rescue a set number of miners on a level, the exit will unlock, allowing you to move onto the next level. The heart, fun and real challenge in the game comes with the puzzle element, which greatly employs physics-obeying lava and water. You can fly through water, but lava will destroy your ship, meaning that you have to either move the lava out of the way or neutralize it with water, both of which you may do by shooting out rock underneath it. You need to plan your moves, though, because a mistake could burn you or some miners with lava or make it otherwise difficult to accomplish your objective. There are also items that you'll find that interact with the lava and water and which you may need to use wisely to finish levels, but I won't say more, since part of the fun is discovering things on your own. I'm only partway into the game and it's fun. It's a nice combination of arcade shooter and puzzle game. Neither aspect is too hard, so you can enjoy the game without being frustrated, but it's just challenging enough that you'll make mistakes now and then. I recommend it to arcade fans and puzzle fans.

CharlyPlayman, Oct 24, 2015

I was surprised how this game was so simple and at the same time sooooo funny to play. As you go forward in the game it goes more complicated but without losing gameplay. It's a superb game, one of my favourites. Good: very addictive + varied + puzzles + water, fire and gas mixed + smooth movements + very long + boss fights + and much more..... Bad: to say something maybe some music level but i can't find nothing more

ThePCGamer101, Jun 24, 2015

PixelJunk Shooter is a very surprising game. On one hand the premises is very simple, just a simple 2D shooter and the difficulty is almost non-existent for now I guess. Very little complaints as everything hits the mark very well, though I have heard the game is pretty short and the final boss battle is pretty cheap. But overall a great, solid, fluid physics shooter game!