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Planet Coaster Planet Coaster is the future of coaster park simulation games. From the developer: We’ve created a living world where every guest is an individual with their own personality and money in their pocket. We’re giving you limitless freedom to build rides and scenery piece by piece, and to seamlessly blend them with your own hand-sculpted terrain. We’re building a connected global village where everyone can share in your creativity. And that’s just the start. We hope you’ll join us to dream, build and share the ultimate coaster parks in Planet Coaster. [Frontier]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 86 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3662
Genre Strategy, Management, Business / Tycoon
Company / Developer
Frontier Developments / Frontier Developments
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Planet Coaster reviews ( 7 )

G4MR, Nov 17, 2016

I've been waiting for a game like this since the original roller-coaster tycoon, nothing has come close, until now! This really is the best Theme Park sim ever!

hockeyninja, Nov 17, 2016

The real spiritual to RCT3. Aside from a few small bugs that will no doubt be fixed shortly after release, this game is perfect. I cannot wait to see what insane creations will be made in the years to come. You can really see the care that has gone into this game and the devs have listened to community feedback every step of the way. Well done Frontier! Best theme park sim hands down.

wobblydoggy, Nov 17, 2016

Incredibly impressed with this game, graphics, mechanics, gameplay all surpass expectations. It really is a sandbox that you can just go nuts with and with the tools provided it offers this in a concise navigable UI. I'm sure you will get your moneys worth, and all this with a responsive dev team making consistent tweaks through updates. How it should be done.

Anxo, Jul 18, 2017

El mejor simulador de parque de atracciones actualmente. Sin duda una calidad excelente en cuanto a gráficos, fps etc. Puedes manejar hasta el mas mínimo detalle, y sin duda repleto de contenido. Te entretendrás un buen rato.

Shaggs77, Nov 17, 2016

Frontier has developed a game that us 'coaster nuts' have only dreamed of having. They have put together the best theme park simulator game since Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. We can now truly let our imagination run wild. Everything from the piece by piece building to the coaster editor is great and fun to use. I've played thru the alphas and betas, Frontier has put allot of passion into Planet Coaster, with every update, the game got bigger and better.

Sh4rk82, May 1, 2017

I gave this game 8 on 10 so for me it's a quite nice game. Biggest issue for me regard its performance. They are pretty bad also on a medium-high system. More your park grew up more pfs go down. I know that Planet Coaster provide good quality graphic and nice phisycs. but I believe developers could optimyzed better the game make it more stable. Also if you set your graphic lower the problem still there. Even though the game is exspandable with infinite possibility the poverty of building already made make place a shop or facility frustrating because you have to build everything by your own. For this reason I would have preferred a more consistent choice of default buildings.

MattyB2, Dec 26, 2016

Ever since the latest update IT'S SIMPLY NOT FUN. Before It was fun to see your park grow, now it's a micro management mess of deleting and recreating rides all the time to stay in the green. I really don't know what they were thinking. It also doesn't make any sense that I can just delete a ride and plant the very same ride and people use it again. This is especially crap for roller coasters where it's difficult to save and rebuild them. All of this should have been tested in Alpha. The game was rushed SMH