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Planetbase Guide a group of space settlers trying to establish an outpost on a remote planet. Grow food, collect energy, mine resources, manufacture bots, and build a fully self-sufficient colony.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1407
Genre Strategy, Management, Government
Company / Developer
Madruga Works / Madruga Works
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Planetbase reviews ( 7 )

corwin84, Mar 2, 2017

Great game, addictive. Nice atmosphere, music. I didn't have any bugs mentioned by critics. Maybe they were based on early versions, check for updates and patches. Highly recommended for space lovers)

harney, Oct 21, 2015

A great and extremely addictive game (more addictive than crack and cheaper too)....My 1st binge lasted 37 hours non stop well only pausing to eat and the toilet..... Yes the A.I is a little strange and could do with more tech ect but they keep on updating the game been an update every day since release ...lets hope there is more content to be added would be great ....

Markam67, Oct 20, 2015

Very addictive game. Some of the minor issues are very unforgiving system if you start failing to provide for your colonists you rarely get them back, forcing you to restart from an earlier save point. It also feels like the tech tree is too short. While the game is still very playable it seems like there would be few alternate ways to play the game with regard to utilizing different techs to help the base growth. All in all though an excellent and playable game.

SpartanMario, Dec 16, 2015

This game is at an 8/10 for me. It is a great idea for a game, but can suffer from in game a.i. problems and your colonists get themselves killed for no reason. This isn't as bad though as everyone makes it out to be and I personally only run into this issue on the second two worlds at the very start of the game were getting all the basics up. There is enough content to leave me satisfied, but at the same time i wish there was a little more depth like more power generation and goods to produce to trade away and throw onto nearby traders who are passing through the neighborhood.

awesome360, Feb 22, 2017

It was fun and interesting. It looked really interesting. I would play it again on different planets on Planetbase. I would put things on high priority if you need it quickly. I enjoyed the music and sound affects. If you don't know a lot of science then it would be good for learning. I enjoyed playing with a partner. I would not play it by myself. I would rate it a 7.

HandsomeHank, Dec 14, 2015

The game's "difficulty" comes entirely from stupid AI. How do you overcome the stupid AI? By micro-managing every aspect of your base. Getting colonists to operate the machines that they need to in order to survive is more like playing a tooth-pulling dental simulator than anything approaching the word fun. It has potential, if the devs can make the colonists at least as smart as say a character from the Sims. The other 50% of the game is pure luck. Watch out for those solar flares.

Shypwreck, Apr 16, 2016

I love games similar to planetside where I can build within a harsh environment and learn how to manage a a challenging environment. Planetside fails horribly. The micromanagement is beyond idiotic. The AI is stupid beyond belief (Oh I am tired so I am not going to get food food or work which will help me and my friends to survive or there is a structure in the way and I cannot go around it... each colonist must have their hand held...ridiculous!) I will not go into details since others players had already done so. But this piss poor excuse of a game needs to be either reworked or finished. I am deleting this game to make space for something more enjoyable.