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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS is a last-man-standing shooter being developed with community feedback. Players must fight to locate weapons and supplies in a massive 8x8 km island to be the lone survivor. This is BATTLE ROYALE.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 88 / 100
User rating
Downloads 8912
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Tactical
Company / Developer
Bluehole, Inc. / Bluehole, Inc., PUBG Corporation

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds reviews ( 7 )

jidon333, Dec 20, 2017

Best multiplay shooting game ever! Although this game still have bad optimization and server lag issues, It's getting better at every patch and even some bugs make my gameplay experience so fun. New desert map with parkour system on the test server is also amazing. Fancy graphic, better optimization, better game design. This game was great example of early access. And from today, this game is great example of new age multiplay shooting game.

Humboldt1337, Mar 26, 2018

This is my favorite FPS of all time. It hits on all points - Good game play, good graphics, realistic weapons and vehicles. Don't listen to the haters, this game is amazing.

melonboy, Apr 16, 2018

There's a steep learning curve if you are new but the game is easy to understand and play. First person mode works well and the guns feel and sound good but the hackers and grass despawning through scope need to be dealt with.

therainbowpigs, Dec 21, 2017

PUBG only became so successful because of clever marketing and luck. "It's so much fun with friends!", yeah well i could think of a lot of other games that are fun with friends too. The difference is that most of your friends have already bought the game because of the hype and the twitch sellouts marketing it. The actual game itself is an utter mess. It has bugs, lag, hackers and optimization issues up the wazoo. Too bad the greedy c*nt developers are too busy swimming in money to bother fixing any of these problems. It's absurd how such an unpolished, low-effort, shallow product costs 30 bucks with micro-transactions on top. Even if these things were fixed, the core gameplay is just so tedious. You spend 15 minutes searching for items and then 80% of the time you get shot by someone you couldn't see or avoid because you had to rush to the white circle. Actually winning the game is 20% skill and 80% luck. If the other players have better equipment than you and got to a better position then you're just screwed. 9/10 game my *ss.

Silverrorses, Jan 21, 2018

Game would be great if it didn't have so many server issues. Constant rubber-band, especially early into matches, frame-rate drop on the new maps. It just ruins the experience of what could otherwise have been a great game.

Apneal, Jan 19, 2018

The idea of the game is good, there's definitetly playability and fun things about the game. However, this game was RELEASED as a paid game to the public in a very ALPHA state. The shooting mechanics are broken and if you're coming from ANY real shooter you'll be frustrated that bullet registering is non existent. The net code is very bad, and you'll frequently die from lagging thru the terrain or unable to pick up anything from the ground. You'll warp and rubber band around. If you do manage to survive, odds are you'll be killed by someone with a string of random numbers for a name that aimed at you across 10km and instant headshotted you. They don't do anything to prevent hackers like any real competitive game. Overall, its fun at first, but then you'll grow to quickly resent the game when you spend 15 minutes just picking up items just to die and do it again because of game engine problems. What's worse is that the developers have made it clear they arent focused on fixing any issues. They will not introduce region locking and the North American server is just all Chinese players which completely defeats the purpose of having a team game (can't communicate with any players). Also, lag favors the person lagging since hit registration etc is client side, so the same overseas people intentionally choosing a bad server for them will kill you before you can even see them on your screen. Besides this, the developers have already been forcing paid loot boxes down our throats before fixing ANY issues. Don't waste your money on this game, support developers who actually work for a living.

nknk, Feb 19, 2018

Possibly one of the most addicting game designs out there. Brilliant play of contrasts and gritty realistic approach to visuals. I can't praise the design intent of this game enough. Pure brilliance. Unfortunately execution by Bluehole - a nobody in the FPS world, is so horrific that it brings the score down to zero. Its so bad, incompetent, and untested that most people should probably wait for another installment of this game by a different studio. PUBG is one of those games you're waiting to see AAA studio make. And EA has already hinted that they are seriously looking at taking this design further in next BattleField. Please EA, do it. I can't believe I am rooting for EA to do something well. Go DICE! The designer of this game is a brilliant dude, when it comes to design, he is a terrible community manager, awful technician, and an abnoxious public personality. When asked to region lock China (where 99% of cheaters come from) he called his NA community xenophobic. Never-mind that playing with people who cannot speak your language in a game where communication is not optional - completely ruins the experience. He ignores everything that annoys the community - the unfinished Miramar map, which should really be used as an example of how not to do maps, is forced on the player. There is no option to select the map, and because a lot of people don't want to play on it - it creates an over abundance of open servers with Miramar. Prepare yourself for a lot of Miramar - which comes with virtually undrivable terrain, busted loot and facilitates running more than running simulator does. Even after the game has been "fully" released netcode still sucks, although its not unplayable anymore. Loot field is filled with useless items like clothes (WHY!?! What does this add except blocking other items from being picked up?). Melee weapons are a checklist item - hardly anyone uses any of it outside of occasional gif clip on reddit. If you're used to awesome Battlefield melee system - you'll be in shock. Melee in PUBG is like drunken boxing where both parties will need to have their stomach pumped in the morning. Netcode is sluggish, molassy, unresponsive mess. If you're used to TF2 or Counterstrike - this game will feel broken. You'll be confused and irritated - as to why your shots dont land and why you've died running 5 feet behind a corner to a guy who should not be able to see you. Vehicles still flip at random on flat terrain. Glitches and messed up textures are everywhere. LOD does not seem to have been crafted beyond default Unreal Engine auto-lod. Hit registration is horrible, you'll routinely end up thinking you've hit the guy, and will see blood but when watching replay - you either never fired the gun or you've never hit the other player. Sound is insanely confusing and more often than not makes no sense - because its seemingly coming from a random direction. And lets not forget the stupid crates. Bluehole is bent on selling you crates. You thought EA was crate-obsessed? You're wrong - Bluehole is the new king of crate peddling - to a point where is an entire economy around it now (primarily from China) full of cheaters who only play to win the games, get the points, buy the crates, and re-sell items on the market. In conclusion I'd advise to wait for a AAA studios to make better versions of this game. It would suck if your first Battle Royale experience was as bad as PUB. Looking forward to DICE efforts.