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Poker Night at the Inventory Poker Night at the Inventory features the stars of Sam and Max, Team Fortress, Penny Arcade, and more during their off hours.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 73 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2114
Genre Miscellaneous, Parlor, Gambling
Company / Developer
Telltale Games / Telltale Games
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Poker Night at the Inventory reviews ( 7 )

LuisMatheus, Nov 24, 2010

This is how a Poker game should be, you feel like your playing with Tycho, Max, Strong Bad, Heavy. You feel like they're real people playing with you. You also get TF2 Items and side-stories for the characters, you can't go wrong! (10.0)

DSFanatic2010, Jun 30, 2012

This game is my ultimate time-killer. But it doesn't just kill time. It stabs it to death, destroys its innards, dumps it into a landfill, and dumps recycled aluminum all over it. To put it slightly less gruesomely, I love this game. Graphcs: 9 out of 10. The graphics are some of the best I've ever scene out of Telltale Games. The lighting is very '30s nightclub, and the effects and textures are very high quality. The animation on the models are very smooth. Most lip-syncing is very top-notch but some lip movements are of in comparison to the dialogue. The game is not without its graphical glitches, though. I've seen cards floating over the Heavy's head, chips moving to the middle by themselves, among others. They are funny, so it's nothing to worry about, unless you worry about that sort of thing. Gameplay: 9 out of 10. This game is a point-and-click simulated poker game. The controls are very simple using buttons and a slide to bet, raise, call, check, and fold. If you don't know anything about that stuff, look it up. Controls: 9 out of 10. The mouse pointer and buttons work perfectly. There's not much else to say. Audio: 10 out of 10. The game's audio is the pearl in this clam. The cast includes William Kasten as Max, Gary Schwartz as the Heavy, Matt Chapman as Strong Bad, Roger Jackson as the Host, and Tycho Brahe's first ever and hopefully permenant voice actor, Andrew "Kid Beyond" Chaikin. All characters have a boatload of dialogue and can interact with each other in rib-hurtingly comical ways. Conversations between characterscan be interuppted, though, so anticipate a few bugs. But for the most part, the system works well. The dialogue is funny and will keep you laughing for hours. The music consists of jazz remixes of music from Sam & Max, Homestar Runner, and Team Fortress 2 media. The remixes are catchy and top-notch. Overall, you should buy this game just to hear these guys talk to each other. One last thing I should mention, this game is only $5! All the quality you get is well worth more than $5, but this MSRP makes this game irresistable for any poker enthusiast or comedy lover. Get it now!

Alan250, Aug 9, 2013

This game delivers way more than asks (8 bucks). It's a nice time killer. It's great to see our favorite characters out of their games and kinda interact with them,

Mcintosh, Apr 27, 2012

As a new Telltale advocate I may say it's surprising to see how much the experience of a game changes when your script is not onomatopoeic. Not being a fan of poker games and not expecting much from a poker game i was happily surprised. They actually achieved a group game experience in a game which nature could be totally dry. Impressed may i say. Good fun, some laughs and elemental poker.. plus some items for TF what more can u ask for such a small price? Maybe a patch with extra characters and more dialog (wouldn't mind paying some bucks for other items and extra content for this game)... beyond that... surprisingly great!

notyourbuddy, Jan 4, 2014

If all you care about is TF2 unlocks then this game is a 10 out of 10 as it can be found for as cheap as 99 cents. Yay! (Okay you can stop reading now) If you are also interested in the actual game itself then feel free to read on. Poker Night consists of You, Max, Strong Bad, Tyco, and the TF2 Heavy sitting at a table playing Texas Hold'em poker. There are some rather pointless cosmetics unlocks (tables and in-game card decks) and of course the all so tasty TF2 items (which I'll get to later). From a game standpoint the graphics and sound work are good. Production value is right up there too as we get dramatic camera angles and sound bites during the tense moments. And of course lots of banter from the AI players that keep things interesting for a bit. But, invariably with a game like this the lines are limited. After and hour or two the AI will have to start repeating the same quips over and over which will become more of an annoyance than a positive. You can turn down the chatter setting to the lowest, but it won't matter two hours tops and you've heard almost everything. There is no way to mute them so be prepared to have to constantly speed click through their conversations for the rest of your play time. Progression wise the game tracks how many hands you've played and won; how many all-ins successfully won-lost, number of players you have knocked out, and of course your overall winnings. Nothing special. Why they don't track second, third, or fourth place finishes or reward you for it is beyond me... instead its an all or nothing affair that more often than not will result in you tracking your progress by your ever increasing negative bank account debt. Hooray?! But, the true real reason I give this game a 7 is the TF2 items. Its the reason most people buy this game and its what gives the game its re-playability as its the only goal worth achieving. Unfortunately, Tell Tale made it annoying as fk to unlock them. Maybe once in every 8 tournaments one of the AI players will throw in their item and the only way you can win it is by knocking that specific player out. Its pure coincidental luck for this to happen rather than any form of skill. You have to have better cards than that player, have more money than him, then get him to go all in. At any point another AI can knock the guy out and the item goes away. A more sensible fair skill-based solution to unlocking these items would have given the winner of that tournament the prize, but Tell Tale wanted to be annoying a-holes apparently. Anyways, if you want these items you'll basically have to constantly restart the matches until an AI throws in the item. Then don't bother playing for real... just wait, hope you have more money than him, then go all in whenever he does no matter how crappy your cards are and pray for luck. Its really stupid. As for unlocking the items legit? Good luck. I've been playing legit for over 8 hours now and haven't unlocked a single TF2 item. Getting so annoying I'm either going to start up the constant restart ALT+F4 bull**** or try and see if The Achievement Manager works. Sure hope they changed the TF2 unlocks in Poker Night 2 cause this system is pointlessly dumb

lukemacu, Aug 22, 2013

Poker night at the inventory has funny dialogue and funny interactions between the characters. But to be honest you'll probably play it legit for a bit, then do some system to get the items(that is, not playing properly not actually a cheat but yeah). If you're in to TF2 and want the items then I can recommend it but otherwise unless you're an avid poker fan, give it a miss.

Hessian, Jul 4, 2011

This game would be worth the time to download it if it were free. The AI knows what cards will be in play ahead of time, consistently going all in with absolutely nothing and pulling out a straight when the final card has been played. I thought I could just buy the game and get the items for TF2 without playing this piece of **** but that is not the case.