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Poly Bridge Unleash your engineering creativity with an engaging and fresh bridge-building simulator with all the bells and whistles.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1402
Genre Puzzle, General
Company / Developer
Dry Cactus / Dry Cactus
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Poly Bridge reviews ( 4 )

sh4dow, Jan 10, 2018

By far the best bridge simulator I've found so far. Especially because of its UI. The art style and soundtrack are fantastic as well. And it has TONS of content. I'm 18 hours in and only gotten through half of the levels so far! (I'm usually trying to solve them under budget and without destroying bridge parts though) One thing I'd criticize are the UI - although better than that of other games like this (especially Bridge Constructor), it still doesn't behave like 95% of all programs that deal with creating and moving around things since the beginning of PCs. It's also a shame that the engine they are using for simulation can't deliver the same result on every run. So sometimes, you might load a save game and it suddenly doesn't work any more. But - if that's the case, there is usually a major flaw in the bridge design anyway, so I find this negligible... They even offer leaderboard rank statistics that are meaningful despite cheaters (they basically generate a diagram where they cut off outliers). AND an overview of all ranks across the whole game - I wish more games would have something like this!

bigmouthstrks, Jun 28, 2017

An absolutely beautiful game, even being a simple puzzle game. One of the best components of the game are his relaxing and really enjoyable soundtrack, and engineering and physics sense that are kind of requirements for keeping ahead to next level. Simply brilliant.

aditya1101, Dec 27, 2017

Really enjoyable puzzle game about building bridges - it's a fairly straightforward game, but there's a ton of depth to it, and it can be extremely challenging.

MelvinG24, Jan 28, 2018

Do not Recommended to buy it! This game was fun to play at the beginning. BUT... the physics of the game are completely broken!. The reason I am saying that is because, this is intended to be a physics-based puzzle game, where the objective is to build a strong enough bridge to support the vehicles needing to cross. If you successfully complete one level, and play it back again without change anything on the bridge, it will fall !!!; Therefore, you have to constantly grind and replay the levels over and over again making very small changes which are amplified and produce a totally different result. Additionally, the game have a fast forward switch which allows you to speed up the game time. If you make use of it, you will see who this affect the weight exerted on the bridge, making any vehicles heavier if the time run faster and lighter if the time run slower (which it doesn't make any sense because, again this speed up the game time, but the car speed) Furthermore, this game have problems placing the materials, making the experience worst. If you trying to place any material while you are building, the game won't allow you to do it even if you are in the available range. Additionally, it will snap into the closer dot even if you are far enough to avoid it