Postal 2: Share the Pain Crack With Serial Key 2020

Postal 2: Share the Pain POSTAL 2: Share The Pain combines the complete, enhanced POSTAL 2 single player game with the brand new multiplayer Share The Pain gameplay! Explore full 3-D open ended environments. Interact with over 100 unique NPC's including Gary Coleman, marching bands, dogs, cats and elephants, protesters, policemen and civilians, with or without weapons. POSTAL 2 is all about choice; experiment with everyone and everything. Also includes 14 multiplayer levels: SNATCH: Fight for the fabulous Postal Babes! Snatch the enemy babe and score! GRAB: Battle to collect all 10 bags, each bag makes you stronger! DEATHMATCH: Chose from 25 characters including Gary Coleman and Osama. TEAM DEATHMATCH: 19 insane teams including Team Taliban and The Gimps. [Running With Scissors]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 61 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3029
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Arcade
Players 1-16
Company / Developer
Running With Scissors / Running With Scissors
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Postal 2: Share the Pain reviews ( 7 )

Lambo442, Oct 28, 2013

So far I haven't seen anything to warrant giving this title less than a ten so I don't get the bad critic reviews. The graphics are impressive, the city you live in is detailed, the people who go about their daily lives will interact with each other, talk, or start shooting. It really is like an early GTA prototype. You can really explore the place too, enter properties to steal etc. It's satisfyingly gory, with plenty of blood and rolling heads and there's a tasty array of weapons. And that's just the single player. The game seems perfectly made for multiplayer, with enough maps etc. Love this game to bits

ExtremeSwat, Nov 10, 2012

Great game, some reviewers praise other developers while great games , that I love to call "hidden gems" are trashed and called not worthy for consumers , I'll tell them to shove their 59% meta upon their ____ (censored due to whiny "omg omg violent language critics rage after" My score for the game? It's not going to be would be 1000.

jr2446, Nov 20, 2011

Underrated, unadultered masterpiece! Running With Scissors title Postal 2 provides choice. You can play through without using any violence or be as violent as you want.

zombiechan, Oct 20, 2014

Postal 2 is a fun game made by fun developers that love to poke fun at themselves as well as society. If you want a game where you can go complete psycho or just go and buy milk like a normal person, Postal 2 is for you.

JStheguy, Jun 22, 2013

A rather interesting little game, I would say this is one of the best examples of an open-word game, even now. You start each day outside of your trailer home with a list of errands to do and the scummy city of Paradise, and the game basically just says "Go nuts!" and has you try to make anyway you want towards completing your objectives. An early example of this is Monday's "Buy some milk" errand, you can stand in a line, that they thoughtfully custom coded NPC's to specifically annoy you, or you steal it, almost gaurnteeing that you will find yourself trying to evade the storeowner and the police. Now on to the town this playground of death takes place in, Paradise. Paradise is anything but, and the developers tried thier hardest to let you explore every last nook of every last dying business, crack empourium, and trashy home of this h***-hole, this makes a stark contrast to stuff like the GTA series where you can explore a massive cityscape, but almost all of the buildings are pretty much painted boxes that you can't enter. The biggest sticking point of this game is the crudness of it all, what with the ability to shoot a cop, shock him until he falls to the ground, and pee on his crumpled, barely alive form. Honestly, the violence is all played for laughs and has roughly the same physics as an episode of Loony Toons. The only real problem I can say is that the redneck enemy type is prone to bugging out into an infinte spouting of "Yeeha-woo-yeeha-woo-yeeha-woo" and that it is sort of short, it can be beat in about 3 hours if you are good at it.

vahn, Nov 12, 2012

I always heard of this game and always wanted to give it a try. Of course it was almost banished to every store and such and had no luck trying to get in other ways, so I'm so glad that I could buy it again for 10 bucks only...and now I can see some of the rants and bad judgements on this game. I'll start saying that I do love how the game is easy-going and basically free of mind: you're free to do basically anything in order to reach your goal. You can either do a massacre and kill EVERYONE on your way (and risk to get yourself arrested too), or simply go through the next area without touching anyone: the choice is yours and it's fun to do either way at times. What I don't like however is how boring the transitions between areas. Infact you have some goals to do in the day but those goals are always far away and you have to do constant loading and loading for the next areas; these loadings are extremely boring and even though they are fast, they can become tiresome quickly. So in other words, this game resembles a bit of GTA, but without the cars, but with the exception that in this game the violence is extreme, almost unrealistic (with a proper mod, you can dismember your enemies, and even dogs and cats can be brutally wonder it had a lot of controversy back then!). Of course I do like once in a while to act like a psycho and once in a while I just go around and nuke everyone...but even this gets tiring quick. Even with cheats. I haven't finished yet but I don't think it's very long (if you just go to your objectives, you'll easily end up your days in less than 2 hours) but the endless gore and stuff will probably make you spend more time to find out other ways to increase your kill counter (which doesn't exist in the game, I just made it up). It's a great game for relieving stress and to cheer you up though, but don't expect much else: it's fun, but repetitive quick. Worth a try.

evolver, Nov 21, 2016

Bought this on Steam and it crashes reliably if too many NPCs are killed. I have Windows 10 with 8 gb ram and i7 processor. same problem on Mac too. talked to RWS about the crash on Mac, they said their code guy went awol and that they would have it fixed soon. RWS has not fixed this 2 year old bug and suffice to say, they will not fix it. The bug report submission form has been disabled or broken, the link that leads to RWS's forum is dead, and they no longer respond to the Steam message boards. I think it's time to bury this title. It's been two years and I'm tired of waiting for them to do something.