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Postal III The Postal series continues in this third installment, using the Source Engine from Valve.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 26 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3525
Genre First-Person, Modern, Action, Shooter, Third-Person, Arcade
Company / Developer
Running With Scissors , Akella / Running With Scissors

Postal III reviews ( 7 )

jr2446, Dec 28, 2011

Running With Scissors hits it again! A humor filled, gore packed funride that has tons of gameplay. The game can be played through on a good or bad path which brings tons of interesting happenings to the game.

WickedTuna, Jun 19, 2012

This is truly an awesome game. this game is a ten out of ten because its whats keeping us from going out and doing this crazy **** in real life. so **** yeah!!!!!!

MansonNails, Oct 28, 2012

I did not get to play Postal 2 yet although it does sound intriguing. My review is based purely on Postal 3 alone. What sold me on the game were the features of acts of violence and crudeness allowed in this game which are fun! However, I dislike having to utilize steam because it's an additional step and login process which I find tedious and annoying and unnecessary for a pc game. I have been fortunate enough where I have never encountered any bugs during or immediately following gameplay, so I can't provide any real input on those sorts of stories. I will, however, say that the actual pace of the game is annoying to me because it's similar to a comic book story where the voiceover is cheesy, sudden, and abrupt. I may be in the middle of an intense action sequence and then all of the fun comes to a halt where I am supposed to learn about some new hotkeys and special attacks I have. I find that the game teaches me how to play it more than actually allows me the fun of playing it. It's like one giant tutorial on how to play the game, with little actual gameplay. Generally it's a fun game, but learning the special moves and whatnot slows it down and forces me to read and learn. I want to actually play continously, beating people up left and right, not sit around listening to the sleezy voiceover. It's still worthwhile for the overall immaturity involved.

UntouchableZA, Jun 23, 2014

I have finished this games good side and bad side, I am not impressed but there good points, that some reviewers did not add, first off the graphics aren't bad for 2011 but the glitches are everywhere, for instance my game kept crashing when I threw grenades so i had to look it up on forums. The Storyline was nice and the and it had some funny bits which I initially played it for, the game had much game breaking glitches which gave a terrible gameplay experience for me. If the game had less glitches and graphical errors I would really recommend it for it's humor and story line, but the previous games which were made in-house were better, with less glitches and more varieties what to do, but I guess akella knew thew weren't making a triple A game, and the people at RWS were probably extremely disappointed, Postal III cost the series and RWS probably aren't going to make another postal game.

Barrowsx, May 6, 2012

I'm usually not too critical on video games, but Postal III is undoubtedly one of the worst games I have ever played. The main selling point of this game is its humor, but nothing in this game is actually funny. The "humor" in this game is about on-par with an episode of South Park, but with less modernity. Also, the campaign gives you a moral choice system. Seeing how this is a Postal game, you're probably going to want to run around and kill everybody. But no, you can't just do that! It's a game about going postal (hence the title), where you can't go insane. Video games like Postal are games where I should be able to go through and kill anybody without any moral repercussions.Overall, this is a terrible game, and is a worse revival of a series than Duke Nukem Forever.

Aedan132, Mar 17, 2012

I've been a fan of Postal 2 for years. There's something fantastically fun to go around and just do anything and everything you want without any real-life repercussions. The framerate in that game was at least stable, though the game was buggy and crashed here and there. No matter what problems it had, it always served as a nice way to blow off steam and just have stupid fun.Postal III isn't like that at all. After 9 years, we're "treated" to a game with, frankly, one of the most abysmal framerate issues I've ever seen, tons of screen-tearing, more bugs than a one-star hotel during summer in Florida, innumerable crashes, large amounts of lines pulled straight from the previous game, INCREDIBLY boring gameplay that took away most of the freedom Postal 2 had, worse voice acting than the previous game, and broken mechanics everywhere you look. I tried long as hard (Oh, look! There's a good amount of the game's jokes right there!) to find something fun about this but, rather disappointingly, there were none. If you wanna go postal, get the second game and have yourself a good time.That is all.

DrIron, Jan 15, 2012

I hesitate to even really call this a game, which saddens me deeply as I was a huge fan of Postal 2, and have recently bought and replayed it off GOG.First off, if you're surprised to find Postal 3 even came out, especially last December, well, there's a reason for that. Never before have I seen a release so heavily botched. Even Valve seems to be unsure of it's release, as they've been debating over how to handle the unlocking and the store page. You can get a steam code for the game in only one of two ways due to this: 1. By paying an RWS guy $40 and waiting for him to, eventually, email you a code or 2. Buying it from one of a few smaller online download sites and getting a Steam code from them. You can't get it from Steam, as they've even decided to drop the store page.Beyond the horrible release issues, there's the horrible gameplay issues. The game crashes constantly, it freezes, there's weird graphical bugs that range from just being annoying to being downright hilarious, there's a wide variety of gameplay bugs that prevent the player from even continuing the game...Aside from the bugs, they've also removed the freedom Postal 2 had. Now, instead, it's a level-based linear game reminiscent of the expansion pack to Postal 2, only a lot less funny. The humor... I swear to god it's less Postal 1 & 2 and more Uwe Boll's Postal film. It's trying too damn hard to be edgy, and in the end it feels less like a fun, raunchy experience and more like a little kid that just learned some cuss words and ethnic slurs.Go grab, say, Bulletstorm instead. Hell, even Duke Nukem Forever. Postal 3 honestly makes Duke Nukem Forever look like Duke Nukem 3D.