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Prey (2006) Prey tells the story of Tommy, a Cherokee garage mechanic stuck on a reservation going nowhere. His life changes when an otherworldly crisis forces him to awaken spiritual powers from his long-forgotten birthright. Abducted along with his people to a menacing mothership orbiting Earth, he sets out to save himself and his girlfriend and eventually his planet. Prey is serious, dark story, based on authentic Cherokee mythology. Themes of sacrifice, love and responsibility are explored and the story dives into emotional territory not yet explored by similar games.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3697
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Sci-Fi, Arcade
Players 8 Online
Company / Developer
2K Games / Human Head Studios

Prey (2006) reviews ( 5 )

PrimalHunter70, Mar 28, 2013

In a world full of Call of Duty clones, it's rare to find an FPS game that brings something new and unique to the genre. Prey, from 2006, brings this in spades. The game offers a variety of new gameplay concepts and elements that make a unique and varied shooter; the classic Doom style run and gun gameplay mixed with several challenging puzzles and twists to complete a level. If you're looking for a new and innovative shooter (even though it's an old game) I highly recommend Prey; for the $5 it cost me, it was well worth my money.

appabend, Feb 10, 2012

PREY: This is one of the most underrated game ever made (because little to no one knows it). Most people says that it's an Okay game. I say it was Amazing! The game was made in the id Tech 4 engine which is a Doom 3 engine. You can still feel that this game is a rip-off Doom 3, but it's made on the same game engine so maybe it has some aggreements with id Software. The gameplay is more like Doom 3, but it's more story-based. You and your girlfriend gets abducted by aliens. You made to escape, but you must save your girlfriend. There are some sad moments too so I think the Story was great. But god, the environments and the aliens are as disgusting as Half-Life (in a good way though). It really feels that you are in there. The realism is great and still comparable to HL2. The gameplay is just your typical shooter, but it's more than that. Why? The weapons were made by aliens instead of humans, but the other reason is just like Half Life 2, Prey has puzzles. But compared to HL2, this one blows your mind completely. They are more than just puzzles, they kill gravity. Unlike any other games I've played so far (still counting Portal), the puzzle just blows your mind. There are portals that can teleport you somewhere, but it can also shrinks you into a miniature look. There are floors that kill the law of gravity, and more weird things. They used the engine perfectly on this game. I loved it. Too bad with game like this, id Software didn't put more efforts on their recent games like RAGE. So overall, Prey is an amazing game and it's one of my most favorite game of all time. [9/10] "Amazing"

TheJack, Feb 9, 2007

Humans aren't nearly as convincing as those in HL2, but the enviro and creature graphics, the lighting and physics are very good (just like D3, duh). Each weapon has little touches

Jynx980, Jul 1, 2012

This game really surprised me. I bought it years ago and tossed it in box and forgot about it until recently. It has a Native American storyline and characters which is very rare for all games, let alone a FPS. You get sucked up along with your girlfriend and Cherokee grandfather to an alien ship that is processing the people of Earth for food. You spend most of the game searching for your girlfriend and that leads you to destroying the main boss. It sounds a little hokey but it works and I never rolled my eyes at the story which I can't say for a lot of games. The graphics are a bit dated with the human animations looking slightly blocky but the lighting system and textures were detailed. Since it is an older game (2006) I was not able to play at the full resolution of my monitor and had to settle for 1600x1200. The odd thing is that now matter what aspect ratio I selected all the resolutions were the same. At any rate it played fine and I had no trouble with how it looked. The game is VERY similar to Quake 4 but I liked Prey better because of the story and gameplay. One of the unique things about it was that you can't really die. When you loose all your health your are transported to the death world where you shoot wraiths to gain your health and spirit back. This helps the gameplay flow so much more smoothly than any other game I have played. It breaks the monotony of the save/load cycle which was one thing I did not enjoy about Quake. Also when you die and come back the level loads instantly, no more waiting for the whole thing to load again and making you frustrated about getting past a hard part. There is also a spirit walk mode where you leave your body and enter a spirit world to pass through force fields and access switches or other items you would be unable to normally. The sound and music fit right in with the game. Despite being a Native American game there were just a couple sections where the music matched. The death/spirit world and visiting the ancestral grounds. It's mostly short chanting and it makes sense to make it simple rather than drawn out singing chanting that may take you out of the game. The voice acting was also done well. In particular the main character and last boss. It's not often that I find myself glad to hear the main character shouting obscenities or the sickly sweet voice of the villain. And lets not forget Art Bell as himself on the call in radio station. The game has some shortcomings. It's fairly quick, I blasted through it in around 6 hours and 30 minutes. The death world has a lot to do with that though. If I did not have to constantly save and load in Quake I probably could have shaved hours off my final time. And besides, too many hours in a FPS game ruins it for me. Half Life was great, but damn was it long. The graphics are a bit dated, but again for 2006 time it was good. The difficulty may be a bit on the easy side. I would rather have it too easy than too hard however. After completing the game on normal mode you can play on the harder Cherokee mode. As much as I enjoyed this game I wouldn't go through it again just for a harder difficulty. I fully recommend this game to all type of game players, you don't have to be into FPS type games to enjoy it. It does have quite a bit of gore and swearing(you can turn off obscenities though), so not for the younger gamers. You can pick it up for ~$10 shipped or check your local game store. For some odd reason this game is not on the Steam network. I think it would be able to enjoy much more success if it was. The sequel is due out the end of December 2012 and I know I will be buying it.

TheBlade, Jul 24, 2006

I expected more from a game I was hearing about over eight years ago. fun if you don't think about that however, also creative and looks excellent on a good machine.