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Primal Fears Due to a chemical known as pharGONe, the world has been turned upside down. Battle your way through multiple levels, earning upgrades, competing against your friends and more, and find the truth about what has happened to the world. Use a variety of weapons to stop the mutated population, and save yourself from being another victim. Not sure exactly what you are facing, Primal Fears harkens to the depths of the human psyche as you fight monstrous foes alone or with friends. Nothing is more scary than the unknown and it is your goal to reveal the truth...
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 41 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1194
Genre Action, General
Company / Developer
DNS Development / DNS Development
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Primal Fears reviews ( 5 )

Htimez2, Feb 6, 2013

A lot of these reviews aren't even true, for example I can join online servers with people who are not my steam friends so I don't know what the fck that guy was talking about that reviewed this game earlier. This is not a triple A game but that doesnt mean its not worth buying. I personally think the great was a great deal and a ton of fun. its like a lax diablo 3 with guns and zombies. Definitely a fun game for great casual co-op play with friends. anyone who likes over the top torchlight like gameplay games with a more casual setting (for example no skill tree) then this is a game you definitely want to pick up.

eyEZix, Jul 11, 2013

Primal Fears is a huge improvement upon its predecessor Dead Horde. I enjoyed the first game but not without a ton of frustration as it was not optimized to say the least the lag was horrible even on lowest settings. However Primal Fears was a joy to play. Don't listen to the haters this is a fun little game. Not perfect but fun.

Cioby, Mar 31, 2014

Considering games like The Stanley Parable got 88 rating, while much more enjoyable and nice games got lower ratings, I'm thinking this game deserves more. The graphics are not that bad and the action is enjoyable. Most games nowadays have few people online to play with, unless they're cheap stuff like GTA or COD or Dota

Othrandur, Jul 27, 2013

The absurdly low reviews are completely undeserved. Its direct predecessor, Dead Horde, had good concepts, but was fatally flawed. Primal Fears kept the good concepts and fixed the fatal flaws. It's a simple game with little depth, but it's fun to play and it has a nice amount of tension (though Dead Horde did tension slightly better). I've never been a fan of the checkpoint system I think it's a very lazy way to design games but at least it works in Primal Fears. It was one of the severely broken pieces in Dead Horde. Now, it's true that it isn't innovative, but sometimes you just want more of something you like and I don't mind having a bit of new scenery in the zombie/alien isometric shooter genre.

AColdOnion, Jan 8, 2013

No online servers i bought this game cause it had co-op but you can only play with your added friends on steam....very dissapointing because this game seems very fun "if you are playing with people" too bad they made this diffacult for people that are new to steam or dont have many friends on steam..