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Prime World: Defenders Prime World: Defenders merges classic tower defense gameplay with collectible card mechanic.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 60 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2269
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General, Defense
Company / Developer
Nival Interactive / Nival Interactive
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Prime World: Defenders reviews ( 7 )

EpicRenaissance, Jun 7, 2013

I don't quite understand the bad official reviews. The game is sheer fun to play from beginning to end. Even the grinding between official missions has always been fun, since it's never that long, and you always get a nice reward after every victory. Game length also seems ideal to me. I just finished the game and I feel like starting again with a different tower setup. (You have to invest in your towers, so you can never take more than half of the assortment with you really)

leifina, Oct 25, 2013

This game is FUN! I cant leave once I begin to play with. The card system is cool, the towers and enemies looks awesome! This middle-age fantasy world is the best for a Tower Defense game!

warchitect, Jun 15, 2013

Can't get enough of this game. Defence Grid was good, but this pushes it up a notch. The magic system is interesting, but the collectible card system and crafting where you can fuse and evolve your towers is what really makes it sweet. It connects the battles with that 'just one more game' feeling.

rumbol, Jun 28, 2013

If you like tower games to pass the time, this is a hit. I also like Soul Survivor so take this review for what it is worth. Grid is still the tops however even that game got boring in time. So, this game would be better priced at 10$ but if you want to do something new for say 15+ hours I say roll it. The card melding thing is meehh. I like the Idea but you don't get to create anything outside of the box. You advance towers according to your play style. The interface reminds me to much of a "free to play" game, other than that no negative from me. 1$ an hour for entertainment is fair, and this game has gone above and beyond the 1$ mark. I look forward to any DLC that may come. Yes this game makes me want to play Orcs Must Die /sigh.

Ylsirg, Jul 3, 2013

Great Game Hooked me more than some full price games. I really like highscoring against other players. Tower need some tuning but its agreat game and alot of fun.

Amayumi, Jun 22, 2013

The idea of joining card game and tower defense was a nice one. It opens up for a lot of customization and the way you do it in the game is pretty neat and interesting. Having a full deck allows you to think each level and how you can beat it. The graphics are pretty nice too, but the towers look ugly and the enemies are the same over and over again. The real problem with the game is that it gets boring real fast. First you are presented with a story of two warring factions that do not appear in the game at all. Then you go to the tutorial, which shows you every detail about the nuances of the game but it does so in so many levels that it gets frustrating and, sometimes, counterproductive. After that you're off to go play the real game and, guess what, nothing changes. You're off to level after level of the same enemies, not so different map layout and same towers (they don't chance when you level them up to look different or mode bad ass). And since you're going to have to play a lot in the same levels for money and new cards, well, you can imagine that the game gets dull fast. Not to mention that the game is pretty unbalanced, you're getting your ass wiped easily, then you get a new card to upgrade an already existing one and suddenly it's a piece of cake. The damage sometimes more than double for one level up of a tower. All I had to do for most of the levels was to level up the most basic tower to max level and place it on the levels. I got perfect on all of them. Didn't even need another tower. Oh, and don't think it's easy to get new towers to upgrade, you'll be playing level after level after level and, at the end of each one you're going to have to get lucky and pick, between five cards, something useful. You can spend in-game currency to try and pick 3 out of the 5 instead of 1 (which is free after the level is beaten), but it doesn't pay off since they charge a lot for that second and third try. Despite all that, the game will grow on you if you're a fan of tower defense and can overlook it's many flaws, spending some nice hours beating all the levels and trying to get perfect score on them. For me, it was a pass.

JD123, Aug 23, 2013

I gave the game a try based on some positive reviews of the game itself. Unfortunately it didn't address the players. There were some of the most rude, vulgar and mean-spirited people I've seen in the virtual and real world. I've been playing games online for over 10 years and have yet to encounter any player base as hostile and disturbing as the player community of Prime World. The social aspect of it is the most "epic fail" I've seen. Not all of the players were bad, but those that were not completely silent. I would suggest avoiding this game and looking elsewhere. There are plenty of great games out there where you won't be abused by troubled kids. and those that as them. It seems to be a haven for cowardice and misdirected hostility. Combine that with a frequently buggy game accompanied by painfully long queue times to play, and I would hope it fades away sooner rather than later. Do yourself a big favor and spend your money and time elsewhere. I