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Prime World Prime World is a full-scale downloadable game with a meaningful cross-platform, social experience. Players will face off in intense, player-versus-player fighting and will also build their castles and enjoy social gaming features through a web browser and mobile devices, enabled with Android or iOS as the castle-building gameplay is developed on the Unity 3D engine.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 67 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1729
Genre Strategy, General
Company / Developer
Nival Interactive / Nival Interactive
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Prime World reviews ( 7 )

TSteel, Oct 2, 2013

I enjoy the game very much, particularly the way each of your heroes develops individually and get stronger the more you play them. The community is the main highlight for me, with many contests going on, the participation available is great and there is a lot of hands on from the developers, I will often spend more time on the forums than actually playing the game! From a gameplay perspective, it is particularly enjoyable how levelling up and customisation of each individual is handled.

SturmB, Oct 8, 2013

Prime World has what most people would expect from a MOBA: Decent graphics and animations that, while not the best out there, do their work really well, a 5v5 map with three lanes and jungle with a river splitting it by half. But Prime World also offers much more, it offers different modes, like a one-lane 3v3, a 4v4 race through the jungle, and variations to the usual 5v5 map. There are, however, two special points that make Prime World stand over the rest of MOBAs. One, is it's customization thanks to the talent system, a well designed system that allows you to modify your hero to better suit your style. The second one is, and this is the most amazing thing, the community. Prime World's community is one of the less toxic communities in the MOBA genre, if not the least toxic. The rules are clear, Nival doesn't like toxicity and it's dealt with in a severe fashion, starting with bans for a while to bans forever. If you come to play Prime World, you will find that which you love from other MOBAs, and more.

XSweetsX, Oct 2, 2013

Love Prime World, its a great and no experience to play. I love the way you can customize your hero and be complete different from another. Also the developers are extremely active with the community which is always a great feeling when you ask a question and it gets answered.

2die4, Oct 16, 2013

Interesting game that promises a lot, refreshing and actually great talents and prime system worth checking out. Also, u level up each hero separately which i find better option. Customization in this game is... Well, check out for yourself

ChinPower, Oct 7, 2013

Out of all new MOBA's that have been our recently, Prime World is one of the most interesting and exciting. The first thing you will come across is it's unique and beautiful art style&graphics. Despite having a pretty low system requirements, the game looks really refined and designed. The sound and music is also extremely good. I even downloaded a few tracks for myself (they are distributed freely). The gameplay itself does not come far from general MOBA, but has it's own interesting additions, like some tactical elements with flag capturing. Additionally, the game has 8 different modes, far more than most other MOBA's have. Now, the most unique feature of the game is it's persistant progression. This is what defines the game as innovative. The only thing I was cautious about is its castle part. I first associated it with a FarmVile type of games, but in the end it proved to be quite different from that. Overall, I really like this game. Surprisingly, It's free to play and far from being p2w. But I guess it's what all MOBA's are these days.

kipjib, Oct 18, 2013

Prime World strives to bring change to the MOBA genre with the developer actively engaging with the community to make changes based on player feedback. Nival approaches their players as the heart of the experience by actively reaching out for them to engage themselves with feedback, and to involve themselves in the community. As others have mentioned the game has a fantastic castle building element which allows for experience gains for the player in the same fashion as a summoner level, and for individual heroes through the Inn which lets you send heroes on quests to obtain XP and loot. When you have obtained higher Lord levels you will be able to unlock new heroes, and hero buildings which give minor in-game stat bonuses, making the castle very worthwhile to improve. Gameplay is very similar to those who are familiar with genre, however the experience is much more involved and satisfying due to the talent system. Talents are obtained from playing games, and from certain buildings in the castle. These talents allows players to tailor each hero to suit their playstyle in the same fashion of an RPG, with heroes also having levels independent of each other which give points with each level to allocate to an attribute of your choosing. This is a great system as it really keeps you engaged and focused to have long term satisfaction. The only downside is the current issue of players being uneven in matchmaking skill. Initially this was not an issue as longer queue times ensured even matchups, however the community asked for change to reduce queue times, and a sacrifice in quality was made. This can be frustrating for those who are new and feel overwhelmed by the skill gaps. Given more time, once players establish themselves more the ratings will even out in much the same way as LoL did, so it's only a temporary issue. Overall I would recommend everybody give Prime World a crack, and really get involved in the community so they can understand the mechanics of the game and have a great time.

opponent, Dec 31, 2013

Although this game will be fun at first, the excitement constantly withers. The most irritating aspect is the character balancing, because there is no balance. Many of the characters such as the witch, frog rider, vampire, and woodsmen (all very expense) require very little skill to decimate the opposition, while most other characters are left at the mercy of the top 4. Next on the list is the matchmaking, because prime world has 2 separate factions (the imperium and the keepers) it automatically reduces the amount of matchmaking options for the computer. The split wouldn't be as bad if the ratio was 1:1, but ends up closer to 3:1 (3 being Imperium). Beyond the blunder of the faction blunder of the developers, prime world features the most sophisticated matching system ever designed, only problem is they forgot to turn it on, need an example? SURE! A team of 5 yellows (very beginning level category [which determines how strong you are at later levels in the game]) vs 3 purples a blue and a green (pretty much annihilation in a can). Third, talents. The ability to customize your character, I love it. Only problem? Talents offer a wide array of abilities and stats, but each talent affects how your stats increase per level which causes a HUGE power gap between different colored characters. Fourth, Zuma, while I'm all for variety, if I wanted to play Zuma, well, I wouldn't be playing prime world now would I? The fifth rant item is the castle, this is where you will spent about 1/3 of your time on prime world while you wait for a match to start. While this offers you something to do instead of staring at a "waiting" screen or, well, playing Zuma (not included in the castle) you can do a number of things that will bore your pants off, such as my favorite thing to do, pay silver (in game currency) to refresh each and every character so you can play them more than 3 times a day. Or buy another character. Item six, BUYING characters. You have a few options for buying a character, if you want the new additions you can buy them right away for only $20, what a steal, am I right? If you wish to work your way to buying a character with silver (which you earn pitiful amounts of) prepare to play for, not minutes, not hours, but days, not 2 hours a day, but LITERAL days, or you can buy the first few 10 or so, which will only take a few hours for each. Finally, seven, if you bothered to read this far, in all honesty the game itself has a lot of potential if characters were cheaper and balanced, matchmaking was cleaner and they got rid of the faction separator, then this game would be fun for longer. I have 105 hours logged on the game so I spent about 40-60 hours actually playing it. If you want an example of how long it takes to get some really good characters, I have a friend (currently logged 444 hours) he bought the woodsman at around 400 hours, which is the cheapest of the top 4 I mentioned. If you're the 1 person who read through this, I thank you.