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Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 PES 2010 focuses on enhancing the excitement of matches between players, making for a truly challenging experience that constantly tests the player. Intuitive zonal defending covers spaces and players need to look constantly for new ways to attack. PES 2010 focuses on being a real soccer simulation, as it requires both strategic play and quick reactions, as in real life. In addition to key out-field elements, goalkeepers are more versatile and with abilities matching those of modern shot-stoppers. The game's referees have also been reworked, with smarter AI elements allowing them to make more balanced calls during matches. PES 2010 has undergone a major visual revamp, with its celebrated player likenesses and animations now even closer to those of real-life players - including live player expressions to be depicted with an improved lighting system which differentiates between various conditions! [Konami]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1446
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Sim
Company / Developer
Konami / Konami

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 reviews ( 4 )

morfil, Nov 1, 2013

After PES 6, this game from the PES series by KONAMI is the second in my favorite PES games list. I had a great time playing it with my friends. It had amazing shooting, real pace, it was great.

DarioS, Dec 2, 2009

Worst team AI ever, with players standing on the field as you run past them. Unfair referee that does not see how the CPU tackles you heavily. Slow response to movements. PES classical robotical runnig style. Unrealistic dificulty levels, at higher lvls CPU runs way faster than you.

FootballFan, Jan 29, 2010

The best way to tell you what kind of nasty shit this game is to share few moments of the game : Suppose you have dribbled/passed/crossed your way inside the opponent box and hit the pass button while still well away from crossing the line. Now its time for the game to play tricks against you : (a) button lag: the player who was supposed to pass the ball keeps on dribbling and takes the ball across the line. (b) buggy team AI: the player control shifts to some other player who absolutely cant receive the ball instead of striker supposed to receive the ball. (c) cpu cheating: even with players like gerrard and xavi on the ball with no defenders around them, if you play a through ball to a striker who is also relatively free in space, 9 out of 10 are the chances the ball either goes to the goalie or simply crosses the line. (d) wicked referee: referee is okay with my players getting slide tackled from behind inside the opposition penalty area but if my players do as much as apply pressure on the opponent for a few seconds the referee gives a yellow; the slide tackles on good dribblers like messi or ronaldinho is invariably red. (e) free kicks are unrealistically difficult to score while penalty shots dont show any meter for any help on length of button press. (f) keeper ai is so terrible that once when once when i rushed the keeper forward to collect a lobbed through ball, the keeper could not even simply catch it and it went by his side into net (ball was at shoulder height when it crossed the keeper). and I could go on for hours... So the verdict: if u r a truly a football fan and dont own a console then better spend your bucks to buy a decent football boots (and obviously a ball) and spend some time on the field.

JoshS, Jan 22, 2010

A few years ago Pro evo used to be the football game of most peoples choice. Since then its just been out shone drastically by the Fifa series. Decided this year to give both a chance. As you can see from my rating i found this one terrible the AI just passes the ball around making it at times really hard to get it back and on-line is dire. 2/10