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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 brings Konami's football franchise back for another year.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2324
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Sim
Company / Developer
Konami / Konami

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 reviews ( 7 )

kark, Sep 22, 2013

This game is quite bad, it is just fine involved minor action, 3d fans, and the gameplay is much better than the last part, so I can say that this game is better than FIFA

Pete_Digital, Oct 10, 2012

I've played Pes nonstop since 2002 (damn. ... what a loser I am hahah ...) every year until a new part comes out. I think this year's Pes2013 is an exceptionally big step forward compared to the editions that came out after the legendary Pes6 (in 2006).. The new Pes game is much more challenging due to the possibility to use 100% manual controls.You can now choose movement in a pass or tackle urself (like every cm to the left or right and 10000 options from soft to hard) ... this is very challenging and sometimes frustrating but if the ball is given a correct kick it gives often harder and more extreme goals that are very beautiful, satisfying and always unique!! ...... To get this you must first change all controll settings to manual though!.. Pes is the best football game for PC gamers if you ask me. Fifa appears on the console very well the paint to come. The reason why Pes is primarily a PC game is easy to explain: On the PC you can use the patch from the website so the game is absolutely perfect in every detail ... f.e. the hairstyles of footballers are the same as they were this week in the Champions League league... .. and last but maybe most important of all: The graphics get an extreme makeover leaving out the blur and the low detail graphic settings that Konami chooses by default assuming everybody still has a Pentium 4 pc..believe me..the visuals are stunning... when will Konami wake up and open the available eyecandy for the main audience??

GalisCooper, Dec 12, 2012

Don't let the bad review fool you, it's always like that with fanboys. This year Pro Evo and Fifa each have their own merits. They're both good games. If you are like me and have been playing Pro evo and then went to fifa, now is a good year to give PES another chance. The manual runs and manual passing give the game a great uniqueness. Of course the animations are not even close to the perfection that is fifa, but gameplaywise this is a fantastic have at the same time assisted passes and manual passes with the press of a button and also manual runs for players not on the ball... Give it a try!

MatDerKater, Oct 21, 2012

I have a schizophrenic relationship with Pro Evo 2013. One moment, I am totally besotted in wonder at the game, the next minute I am wanting to put my fist through some Konami rep's face. PES 2013 offers unrivalled playability and heart stopping action, albeit via an engine with some brutal flaws. However, with the super improved defending, it is for the most part possible to block repetative lame exploit gameplay as is common when playing against rat-boys online (I have turned into a rat-boy as well when playing strangers online..PES does that to people). However, due to the scripted nature of PES, sometimes it will be very hard, if not utterly impossible to defend the lame exploit attempts. Furthermore, as soon as one realises how much of a hand the AI has in influencing the flow of the game, rage induced panic attacks can occur, especially in situations where some rat boy is exploiting my ass whilst the AI is simulataneously beating me with a faeces covered stick. As much as my PES induced rage would could drive me to hitting sites all across the internet spreading lots of hate about the game. Since PES 2013 came out. I have been totally uninterested in playing any other game. I own a high end PC and can play any title you care to name totally maxed. But all I want is my daily and rather large, intense hit of PES 2013. For that reason, even though I hate PES and want to stamp out Konami's guts, I have to give the game a 9/10.

jelikey, Sep 10, 2015

great game and on par with fifa in terms of gameplay, field feels big, not so cramped as in fifa. however, i think they can do so much in terms of graphics, animations and that atrocious sound design and commentary. if it werent for mods i wouldnt even be playing it now. AND WHAT ABOUT that afternoon matches? why remove that? one of the bes tparts of the PES were those afternoon matches with awesome lighting unmatched in any sports game. now its the same old lame night and day crap.

elvinindo, Aug 25, 2013

The gameplay is the best and better than previous game,but somehow there are no leauge in menu.And master league look good except national team selection (which make player fatifue).hope for better improvement in pes 2014

thamightyboro, Sep 30, 2012

Much better teamwork, better online play, best of the PS3 generation.... Then Konami decide to remove the league option stopping you from playing with friends in 1 location unless you want to go back to the days of writing a league table on some paper. For the simple fact they removed a core mechanic behind playing with friends and organised tournaments PES 2013 gets a 1 as it is simply unplayable and has 50 of us involved in North East England PES tournaments and buy our own copies for practice during the week are now having to look at the enemy in FIFA which would still allow us to play in the manner we have been accustomed to. Whoever made that decision at Konami should be sacked and never work in gaming again as they quite simply have zero grasp of the games target market.