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Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 centers everything on the ball including how it moves and how players use it. First touch and sublime control are what set certain players apart from others. The ability to not only read a pass, but to be one step ahead and to know what is needed to gain yards on an encroaching defender. Trueball Tech allows the player to trap or knock on a pass using the analogue stick with detailed bar-centric physics determining the weight shift of the player and the height and speed of the pass, as to how the player's body will automatically shape to receive it. The Pro Evolution Soccer series has long since treated the ball as an individual entity, allowing the player huge amounts of freedom to pass into space, run on to a knocked-on counter, or produces short triangular passes to make space. Trueball Tech adds even more freedom, with full 360-degree control within several yards around the player and the ability to shield the ball from opposing players, use deft controls to wrong-foot them, and intuitive methods to master close control.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 76 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2645
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Sim
Company / Developer
Konami / Konami

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 reviews ( 7 )

ronijs, Oct 9, 2013

Much better than FIFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JefOliveira90, Dec 18, 2013

PES 2014 is definitely some good fun. The graphics are just gorgeous, being miles, leaps and bounds ahead of the competition counterpart. The atmosphere surrounding the match is almost surreal. The sound department doesn't fall behind and delivers quite well. Might not be as good as the competition, but had a significant improvement from the last version (no, even though the sound has seen improvements, the commentary still sucking some royal "s"). The new team licenses add value to the game definitely (at least to some south american and asian players), but, unfortunately, the gameplay has some flawed aspects. The AI is unbalanced, oscillating between unmerciful and plain retarded. The controls, even though not being utter sh**, like some say, could've been better; the player with the ball could run a tad bit faster, just enough to not seem like he sh*t himself moments after the start of the match. Overall, the game has it's flaws, but is definitely a step ahead to franchise. Once the problems get ironed out, the competition will need to come up with something actually new to compete.

joaomcunha, Oct 1, 2013

i have never played a pes so bad like this one i am choked and frustated to even talk abaout the dam game the ai is just bad, the player movement and wight is all wrong, the passing sistem is bad, players reaction is delayed alot, the framerate is crap, the goalkeeper is a mess im gona describe my last game, playing with fcp against psg the game was 0/0, at minute 58 lavezzi cross the ball and my player alex sandro on the area dominates the ball with chest and puts the ball inside my won goal line at minute 65 i cross the ball and jackson misses, thiago silva instead of cutting out the ball just stops in front of it, varela dash and goal, its like thiago silva had a strock and sttod there watching the ball against man utd i am winning superstar 1/0, at minute 42 rooney shots from the middle of nowere the balls hits helton and he defends up, but inside the net! and theres palyers movements and control i spend the entire game struggling against the controls because they are just bad pes tries to be fifa and does a bad job, i dislike fifa but i dislike this pes and for me its just the worst pes ever!

alucardgreece, Dec 6, 2013

The worst PES ever i hope Konami change mind about this game. Pes is my favourite game ever since ps1. Everybody i know says the same and its not 2-3 guys.. Please just bring back 2013 style with only 2 improvements of 2014(live throw ins and lomb shot style) and just better graphics. Bad things: stupid AI. Defenders and attackers off the ball movements have completelly destroyed. , through balls have insane gameplay i played a lot and i have saved about 70 videos with wrong things about this game... please bring back PES not FIFA not rensponsive passes...

brooks986, Oct 3, 2013

waste of money, pes 2014 is complete rubbish clumsy player controls, not fast enough on default Just rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. so disappointed. Looks like another year of fifa as it is the best game on the market, that's regardless if your a hard core pes fan crap wrapped in gold imagination is still crap, pes14 crap, devs needs shooting or watch the prem laliga, bundesliga they will have a clue what football looks like then. this is like virtual soccer, its that bad.

spannerrings, Apr 15, 2014

Good graphic but lack of license team. A very disappointing game play and worst PES series I've ever played. Waste of money, is complete rubbish. The sluggish controls, when you try to hit the shoot button the player will comply after 2,4 seconds delayed. Such a step back for the franchise.

BennyBlanco, Nov 12, 2013

$80 (R$ 179,90) for brazilian version on Steam? I'll stay with Fifa, you loosers, thieves. If they dont low the price, ill never get Konami games again.