Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 Crack/Patch

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 KONAMI has reworked a number of elements to make sure that every pass, shot or off-the-ball run is balanced to give maximum player satisfaction within PES 2015's on-field action.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2693
Genre Sports, Traditional, Team, Soccer, Sim
Company / Developer
Konami / Konami

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 reviews ( 7 )

bulbasaur, Nov 13, 2014

Good gameplay, audio and presentation. Even though the running and turning seems a little sluggish, gameplay just feels like real football. Lack of license doesn't matter, because there will be plenty of option files in the future.

thepomy, Jan 21, 2015

One of the best PES in several years (I think I actually played almost every version). 2014 was clearly a work in progress, with an emphasis on players performing feints that felt awkwardly constructed. 2015 fixes that with a more balanced game construction, and with a more realistic game dynamic in general. Albeit there is a lack of official licenses, there are tons of option files to fix that (no need for a user patch). AI will offer a tough challenge, especially at the hardest level of difficulty. One minor bug I noticed is that the CPU keeper positions himself in the middle of the goal, behind the wall, making it too easy to score from a central positioned free kick. Absolutely to get if you are into soccer.

idanidan123, Mar 16, 2015

Awesome game, great graphics, harder CPU which makes the game even better, nice commentary, splendid animations and a truly wonderful career mode :) Konami has never disappointed me, keep the good job fellas !

papirnehezek, Nov 15, 2014

PES 2015 on PS4 is a solid game, however far not perfect with its lack of modes and their depth, but it is a step into the right direction. PES 2015 on PC is another case. The PC release is only a stripped off version of the next-gen version. There is no cinematic or prematch intro and lot of other features are missing or simplified. Basically, the game uses a tuned version of last year's engine, which makes this version obviously inferior to the ng consoles'. All in all, the whole thing feels different, I had problems with the AI and overall gameplay too. It just feels supbar to what I experience with the newer engine. In its current condition the game just makes me feel bad, that I yet again left with a bad experience overall. Maybe next year... Also, the critics scores shown on metacritic are not everytime for PC. PC version is obviously below a good 75 IMO.

paprik, Nov 15, 2014

No improvement. I give up on sport games. - The UI is still bad and animated/laggy so doing anything takes way longer than it should. - There's an insane amount of space on defense, you can keep the ball in their box way longer than you should. Fifa does the exact opposite, whereas once you get close to the box, it's just a massive clusterfck and you will get charged by 4 defenders. Neither feels like real football. - Skill moves feel really bad and unresponsive. Also it's not Tekken, don't expect me to press RS up, down, left, left, RB, X+Y, B, B, A, LT while running diagonally. - There's so much more they can do outside of the game in single player modes (ML, BAL), but there's zero change every year.

Tobage, Nov 13, 2014

Its just unacceptable to release a pc game that has lesser graphics than the versions for the inferior console hardware. still bundesliga is missing what a shame. on the good side is steam mandatory and the soundtrack is pretty nice too

internetguy1979, Dec 22, 2014

i cant believe all you talk about is graphics, who the fuk cares about graphics i want a fking soccer game play online and offline. THIS IS A DISGRACE IM FED UP WITH BOTH KONAMI AND EA SPORTS