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Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 PES 2016 comes with a host of new and improved features: Master League – completely overhauled from presentation to running of your team; New night time lighting and player models using Fox Engine; Human motion – 3x more animations for players and goalkeepers; Dynamic weather – Rain starts during matches; Deeper team intelligence – Player and team behaviour taken to the next level.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 78 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2996
Genre Sports, Team, Soccer, Sim
Company / Developer
Konami / Konami

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 reviews ( 7 )

glopy, Sep 19, 2015

PES 2016 isn’t perfect, but this is a major step forward for a series that was already improving in leaps and bounds each year. We’ve certainly no hesitation in calling PES 2016 the best football game of the generation so far. And although it’s toughest competition is yet to take to the pitch it’s very much Pro Evo which is now the team to beat.

nickdedes, Sep 27, 2015

my real verdict for this game is 7 but i wanted to counter the very negative reviews for this game...So let me speak about the pos and cons about pro evolution soccer 2016 pos -passing -dribbling -through balls -feels realistic cons -limited licences -not so good graphics at pc -referees dont give often fouls even if you make realy dangerous tackles In conclusion:If you want a realistic football game with great gameplay then pro evolution soccer 2016 is you game!

unrealnoise, Sep 17, 2015

Pros: Gameplay is so fun! Just so muck better than FIFA 16! The UI is slightly better than PES15, but It still has to work on it a lot... Cons: No achievements / no steam trading cards (Why? This is not a big job.) This is not same the PS4/X1 "engine" or graphics. The servers is bad, really bad. (The offline gameplay is smooth in my PC, but I'm in the online games... FPS drop. Always. Continuously. (And, yes, my internet is good for other games...) So... I'm going to play a lot with him. But I hope that Konami learn from our their mistakes. I support the release of the PC game (I paid full price for a game: 49 EUR) , but if in the next year Konami didn't give me the same versions as like what the next-gen consoles, I will be very angry... I hope this year we get some patches. It would be nice if the achievements, trading cards would be available in the future. Please...

Don_Stronzo, Nov 3, 2015

Hands off!!!!!! I can live with the poor Pc port, i can live with the lack of actualized Formations....I CANT live with the Momentum it has. Sometimes everything work like miracle and i win on highest difficulty 7:0!!!! Sometimes everything goes wrong and you just wont score and you lose 4:0 wit the AI having 4 shots!! Its just ridiculous how much the game takes control over whats happening on the Pitch. I played 1 vs 1 with my friend. Same teams....first match he wins 4:0, second match i win 6:0!!!! Same teams who are on the same level. Its just super stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i give it 3 Stars because it could be the greatest Football game ever. It feels wonderful playin it.....until AI completely f...s it up. Dont buy it!!!

gabberghoul, Mar 13, 2016

The worst football game by far. Pros: Its free,but so is watching paint dry. Cons: Every button press to confirm something it has to establish connection: Scripting like in fifa to cater noobs and make them buy coins so they have a false sense off progression. Players dont do what you tell them in crucial situations which leads to goals.This is more obvious if you have a sveral game winning streak. Konami often decides if you win or not. The keepers are so bad that it doesnt matter if its Neuer or Kanjuosta. I dont even care about them.Its what happens between on the pitch. Control respons is bad that it always lags a sec so you have to play a sec ahead like in the future. There are no pros in this game and i dont recommend it because it doesnt reward skill nor is it well coded. Its network is horrible. Disconnects vs cpu?? Really? Lag cheaters and hackers every few games. Beating the living crabs out of players to be rewarded with a disconnect los. People on the leaderboard with 50+ games winstreak. What are you, some kind of Lucy?! The game is good only for the targeted audiance 12-15yeras olds. Dont buy it,dont lend it,dont try it nor download it for free. Forget about it and erase it from existence.Lets just hope Konami gives someone else the rights to Pro EVO so it has a chanace, We need more devs like CD project or give it to SOny, Square enix,Nintendo. But knowing my luck it will be scripted into a EA or Ubisoft relase.

ChanandlerBong, Jan 2, 2016

KONAMI shoots... And it's a blank... Third year in a row. KONAMI please do us a favor and ditch PES series like you ditched all other games. I've been playing this game since it's first release, and the peak was PES 2013. Since then all I hear from critics, and what I can assume - payed critics, 'The king is back'. Do not buy this ****

tuska, Sep 28, 2015

Best ping pong hockey simulator, buy it as soon as possible! Immidiately! Anonyone who is giving this game more than 1+ never played it and probably shilling for evil empirealists!