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Project CARS 2 Project CARS 2 is the next evolution in the award-winning racing series, featuring the most iconic cars racing under the most thrilling conditions to deliver the Ultimate Driver Journey. Created by gamers, tested by world-class racing drivers from Team SMS-R, and the definitive choice of Esports pros... Project CARS 2 captures the essence of real racing in the most beautiful, intense, authentic, and technically-advanced racing game on the planet. FEATURES: * Over 170 licensed cars from the most iconic brands. * The largest track roster of any console racing game including ice and dirt tracks. * New vehicle types and motorsport classes including Rallycross, IndyCar, and Oval. * Dynamic time of day, weather, and new seasonal conditions. * New Online Championships mode. * LiveTrack 3.0 powers dynamic surface conditions that affect vehicle performance and handling, and evolves the track over the course of a race weekend. * Esports built-in from day one with full ranking, and broadcasting / streaming functionality. * Bleeding-edge tire physics, advanced AI, and intuitive gamepad control.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 87 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1690
Genre Racing, Simulation, Automobile
Company / Developer
Bandai Namco Games / Slightly Mad Studios

Project CARS 2 reviews ( 7 )

mysteryx, Nov 28, 2017

I did the recent update that has installed so many bugs and added new features, I feel I recommend this fantastic game to everyone. Great graphics, FFB, day and night cycle and dynamic time, sun, rain, snow, ice and everything in real time! There are many different categories including, F1, F Indy, Roads, GT, Historic, Rally Cross, and many more. Offline career, online races and championships, weekly challenges, longevity to the stars, this game does not end! Absolutely to have for simulator lovers and not. Recommended steering wheel to appreciate it better

ThunderRam, Oct 10, 2017

The game gets a MASSIVE 10 for me just because of the VR compatibility. I have an HTC Vive and I've been waiting for a game that just sucks me in... and this game does it. So much fun and INTENSE! The fact that I can look around corners and see depth of field is amazing! I dont think I could play another racing game without VR. I haven't played much but it looks like the roster is huge! Looking forward to playing more!

amg433, Sep 22, 2017

Playing this right after playing the Forza 7 demo, I can clearly see which is the better game. PC2 has the best physics of any racing sim I've ever played. Additionally, the career mode is full of stuff to do, the cars look and sound great, and the track list is one of the best I've ever seen.

NoMaDXT, Oct 27, 2017

This game from the start I could feel that it was gonna be difficult. I new that what they were trying to do is translate a comprehensive and scientifically accurate (or close thereto) representation of real world racing. You could feel that in the remote and the way the car handled, it wasnt just a difficulty level that made it hard to drive. So I started paying attention to action and reaction and to my surprise I started understanding the car more, the track, the conditions, the weather, and how it all translates differently to every car on every track. I realised that This game will be one of learning. I dubbed this the "Dark Souls" of racing and wanted to learn more and master every car. I realised that a remote simply wasn't encompassing the full experience, and if so, would there be more if I were to buy a racing wheel? So I bought one and MAN did this game come alive. On a Decent mid ranged wheel (Logitec G9200) I started playing around with gameplay settings, Force feedback and weather conditions and now I am properly hooked. Props to Slightly Mad. They did their best to translate the physics to a remote and I think people arent realising what I did and are finding it difficult. This is a game of learining and mastering and time spent in practice and experimentation will reward you with skill. THIS is what makes it the most authentic racer. The experience. Not the physics, not the true-to life representations of the tracks and the cars, not the multiplayer and not the awesome campaign. But the experince. One of real world difficulty and learning to drive a supercar to its maximum threshold. Mastering a corner, a track you're having problems with. Realising why different cars react different ways. It is a real world EXPERIENCE that is the best part of this game. Also props to the racing engineer system. IF you dont understand tuning then this is a great way to tune and learn at the same time. Super easy. There are a lot of issues though.... There are issues with the Logitech G920 Driving force and G29 with FFB profiles and wheel locks. The AI. Sometimes they just smack in to the back of you if you're too slow off the launch. or if you approach the first corner. There are track issues with FFB and grip on some of the loose surface tracks. Mercedes A45 AMG on Dirtfish Blizzard I'm looking at you. Sometimes the game crashes at silly moments. Online play system is good, License points and ranks support respectful play, although VERY few people actually care and still messaround, love tap you out the way, rear end you on the first corner. There should be bans for a certain amount of kicks Honestly. All this aside. This is possibly the most I've ever been into a racer. Yes the studio deserves your money. The game, and you, deserve patience in learning the game. Once you have that and you learn, you will respect this game and what Slightly Mad has done. I am a long time racing fan. I've played numerous F1, GRID, NFS (Shift), GT and Forza titles, This is the pinnacle of the racing genre for this decade. I'll be impressed to see an improvement made on this. The issues I've mentioned above are simply balancing issues. And this will of course be patched with time. One thing I am slightly angry at. Is the fact that the Season pass does not cover you for all DLC. The Japanese car pack still needs to be paid for. What is the reason for the Pass then? This nickel and diming is something that EA does. Slightly Mad, You made the Shift series. But dont keep EA's business ethic please.

Forseti, Jan 6, 2018

Actual game is great. (driving, cars, weather etc) Biggest problem for me is AI difficulty which is varying too much, and online racing needs iRacing kind of system to be perfect.

negativeions, Mar 24, 2018

Lets get one thing straight. Ian Bell is a f***en scumbag. If the money he spent on propaganda PR, like forum minions and fake metacritic reviews, went into QA, maybe PC2 would be a better game. He's your typical studio head who believes release timing and PR are the most important thing. SMS devs need to get together and gang beat Ian Bell in an Alley way for wasting their time and investors money. If I was a PC2 dev, I wouldnt hesitate for a second... And oh I would love it. Anyways. The game is theoretically really good. It has some great ideas. Just implemented like sh*t. Bug after bug. This is an objective, indisputable fact. The game was buggy as hell at release and still is. Not only that, why in god's name are there bugs in PC2 that were fixed in PC1? Why didnt SMS dev PC2 simply by continuing to improve on the latest code base of PC1 and plug in/adjust any major system overhauls like the car handling? This game needed another year of development. It still wouldve outfeatured the competition but with everything potentially working, would sell better and potentially become the gold standard. Instead, sales are worse than PC1... and now what are SMS gonna do? I hope BN drops 'em. Nobody needs to support this kind of thinking. What good are all these ideas if they don't work right?

karelpica99, Dec 20, 2017

Terrible game, terrible bugs. Copy paste from 1 with more cars and tracks, and more bugs. Don't support these crapshoot. The same fanatics wmd members with the same idiot as their chief, made the cash crab no2. Don't even prate it. It is worthless.