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Project Highrise Project Highrise is a skyscraper construction and management sim.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1366
Genre Strategy, Management, Business / Tycoon
Company / Developer
Kasedo Games / SomaSim

Project Highrise reviews ( 3 )

Mcbogsters, Mar 27, 2017

As someone who spent their childhood cutting their teeth on Sim Tower this game rocks... I can honestly say this is one of the first tower games I've played that gave me the same excitement I felt as a kid. The developers are also very responsive on the steam forums. If you loved playing Sim Tower as a kid pick up Project Highrise - you won't be disappointed.

GAMES_ADDICT, Oct 15, 2016

Absolutely addictive. Balancing the many (many) needs of your tenants, along with designing something aesthetically pleasing is deceptively difficult. It's true that there's not much variation between room types, but the workshop will soon sort that out. There's ALWAYS something wanting your attention and I've already been playing for a few hours and it feels like five minutes. There are lots of different types of offices, restaurants, shops and apartments to build, each influencing something near it in different ways. For example; One office wants greater variety in restaurants that serve dinner, you plop it down and the guy next to him starts to complain about the smell. Meanwhile, the restaurant complains because they can't empty their rubbish, so you pop a rubbish bin down; the guy near that starts to moan about the smell and next to the restaurant has become too noisy so one of your tenants demands a rent decrease. I love this sort of thing because it absorbs you for hours. I really love this game - I'm sure there's a perfect balance to be struck with placement but I'm yet to find it. I'm enjoying the search though!

MyStupidName22, Sep 12, 2016

This game is rubbish. After playing for a bit, I decided it wasn't worth my time due to the pedestrian graphics, poor game play and overly complex and mind numbingly bad user interface. I checked the forum to see if there were any redeeming qualities and immediately found a (locked) thread about poor balance and bugs. The developer/moderator argued incessantly with their customers and warned people despite having no cause. I then wrote a review of the boring game play and mentioned that they were awful to deal with on the forums. The developer had it flagged so it doesn't count against their negative reviews. I'm sure they're doing the same thing with other negative reviews. Beware!