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Prospekt Prospekt begins in the Nova Prospekt prison in the Half-Life universe. Gordon Freeman is slowly being overrun by soldiers in the prison, however unknown to him, his Vortigaunt allies manage to find some help from a forgotten hero.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 45 / 100
User rating
Downloads 855
Genre Action, First-Person, Shooter, Arcade
Company / Developer
Richard Seabrook / Richard Seabrook

Prospekt reviews ( 4 )

Gouter, Mar 17, 2016

Not an amazing game but its his first game ! I would like to start my game designer career by making a Half-Life. the graphics are as good as Half-Life 2 ... but nine years later, that quality is no longer acceptable.

DiegoParedesHD, Mar 1, 2016

Prospekt Mod del Famoso Half life 2 Creado por Richard Seabrook que se lanzo este 18 de febrero atraves de Steam. Descripcion del juego: Somos Adrian Shephard el personaje de half life opossing force y estavez nos encontramos Nova Prospekt para echarle una mano a Gordon Freeman mientras ├ęste sufre sus devenires en Half-Life 2. Ventajas -Graficos un poco mejorados del motor Source Desventajas -Historia poco inspirada -Corta duracion

Skjolbir, Feb 18, 2016

Starts off well, if you excuse the ugly particle effects. Very quickly though becomes nothing more than a corridor shooter with very repetitive gameplay that consists of 'Go through door, shoot combine in room, press button, shoot new combine that flood your room, move on and repeat all the way to the very end of the game. On at least 3 occasions there were infinite spawns for the combine, which became frustrating if you didn't immediately figure out where you need to go to, or which button to press. The final chapter consists of pressing 4 buttons while shooting more combine. Lots of buttons. Lacks the physics puzzles which made Half Life 2 noteable. Nearly 95% combine enemies; the headcrabs, headcrab zombies and antlions make extremely brief cameos early in the game. Honestly, if this was a free mod I would not have finished it, I only did so because I paid which is something I recommend you do not do. I repeat, do not buy this game. If the developer updates it to fix the poor level design I will reconsider my review, but I doubt that he will.

Brousitch, Feb 22, 2016

It could seem a bit harsh but this is like game by 12-year-old. You can recognize indisputable passion but also incompetent game design and naive storytelling. At least he is learning from the best...