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Proteus Proteus is a minimalist game of pure exploration and sublime discovery in a musical wilderness environment. There are no challenges and no goals other than those set by the player. A reactive audio mixing system allows the player to explore the environment as music.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2075
Genre Adventure, General, 3D, First-Person, Fantasy
Company / Developer
Twisted Tree / Ed Key and David Kanaga

Proteus reviews ( 7 )

Mothhive, Feb 4, 2013

It looks like the people posting the terrible reviews didn't manage to figure out how to progress in the game. That is not the game's fault, but the user's fault, and in my eyes is the equivalent of someone calling a book terrible, because they can't figure out how to open the cover and get to the pages. If you require your hand constantly held through your games, and big flashing arrows pointing which way to go and what to do next, this game isn't for you. If you like an atmospheric, charming, exploration game that will provide you with an amazing experience, give it a try! I found it a very satisfying and relaxing experience, and on my second play through noticed things I hadn't previously, and was greeted with a new landscape to explore. I highly recommend this "relax-em up" (not sure what else to call it!) to anyone who wants a new experience and wants to get lost in an interesting world.

Dakro, Apr 22, 2013

This game is actually pretty intriguing. The goal is to immerse yourself really, put your feet up, relax take it in, and the world will introduce curious things to you that will suprise you. I haven't had the same experience twice, and when it comes to a long stessful day, this is the perfect way to unwind. I absolutely love this game, and its truly special and unique

benpaco, Jun 25, 2013

Pretty and relaxing. Don't expect a great game or a hard game or an exciting game, expect a nice little relaxer. Good to play before going to sleep. There are actually a fair few secrets and puzzles to this game, so if you want to play it game-y, that's something you can do, too.

SuperkenGaming, Dec 4, 2015

Proteus a pretty walking simulator Proteus is an exploration game that takes place on an island. There’s not much to say about this game. You just walk around, that’s it. Every time you start a game the island is different, all you have to do to beat the game is go through all 4 seasons, you go to a new season by waiting for night time and then going to these glowy white orbs, the colors and changing seasons are great pieces of eye candy, but only for like 12 seconds then your over it I found nothing engaging about this game at all beyond my initial introduction and trying to figure it out. The randomly generated islands are all solid, so there aren’t caves, or buildings to explore through, just hills to climb over, and musical animals to listen to as they hop around. There’s really nothing to explore here, get to the island, look at it for 10 seconds, this is all you need to see, game over. I do appreciate the ambient music, and could see the potential of someone going to proteus to just escape to a colorful land, but maybe I’m just saying that to find a positive, because there are games out there with tons more to do that you could get that same experience from like Minecraft. There’s nothing to do here but do mundane tasks like walk around the island, or follow the bath from end to end for trophies, that’s about it. Not worth exploring. There’s nothing to see here Proteus isn’t a bad game, it’s just not a good game either... it’s kinda just nothing. For what it is Exploration game 5.0/10 overall: 5.0/10

steelasp, Feb 25, 2013

Proteus is very beautiful, and very original. That being said, I don't recommend spending money on it. I found that it had no replay value. The first time you play, it's quite magical, and relaxing, and I can understand the appeal, and I can see why this game has received good reviews. But the second play through was so much like the first, that I lost interest rather quickly. Yes, you get a different island to explore each time you start, but each island has the same things on it, just laid out differently. There are some cool things that happen, but it's the same cool things every time. If you're really keen to check it out, play your friend's copy. I can't recommend spending even the low price of 10 dollars on a game that only offers an hour or two of original gameplay. The "Interactive sound track" doesn't resemble music. It's more like noise, albeit noise that you have some control over. I could see Proteus being really enthralling for someone on psychedelics, but if that's not your cup of tea, you probably won't play it more than twice.

davideAwesome, Aug 11, 2015

I played games like Journey and Unfinished Swan. I liked them a lot. But this is an entirely other beast. It is too slow for its own good, it's just boring and aimless. You're just there. wandering around. I appreciate that developers want to try something different, but this time spend your money and your time on something else.

purifico, Jan 13, 2015

This is not a game. No gameplay, "beep-boop" level music, patheticly bad graphics, pretending to be "minimalist". Pretencious crap. Wouldn't pay 1 cent for it, let alone 12$. Avoid like a plague. If you want an exploration game with actual gameplay and story buy "flower" or "journey" instead.