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Punch Club Train hard, fight crocodiles and find love. Earn your place in the Punch Club ranks, and discover who brutally murdered your father, in this choose your own adventure boxing management tycoon.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 75 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1991
Genre Sports, Simulation, Virtual, Individual, Combat, Career, Boxing / Martial Arts
Company / Developer
tinyBuild / Lazy Bear Games
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Punch Club reviews ( 7 )

Flaxes, Jan 18, 2016

Nice game! RPG with elements of the sandbox. FIGHT CLUB in 16 bits! Nearly. Well it is killing time. It's nice to kick ass to those who stand in your way a champion! Better some AAA projects (you know ;D).

TheRubenSito, Jan 17, 2016

Awsome RPG , Retro Graphics , Very Good Gameplay , Stadistics Like The Sims , i love this game , im the day 49 with 4 of strenght , 5 agilty and its a little difficult , 9/10

samone, Jan 11, 2016

Love it! A great combination of tycoon&rpg&strategy. After hundreds of fights, I still enjoy watching how the opponents are being crushed :) The story created from pieces of all those Rocky-like movies produced in 80's, is exaggeratedly elementary, but it makes you smile a lot! The game is not so simple though, it took me about 10 hours to complete 80% of the game, and now I'm already thinking of re-starting my journey.

RoccoSalvetti, Jan 29, 2016

It reminds very much of Mafia Wars, it is a grinding game with a bit of humour about old action movies. I had kinda enjoyed playing but that is because it as it takes on the ocd side of me and this will not leave me with any nice memory for the future. I don't want to encourage anyone to develop this kind of games, you don't need to be intelligent to beat this management game.

Welkore, Jan 17, 2016

Poor gameplay that ends in about 8 hours in game, lots of, I'm sorry, but insanely idiotic developer's decisions, no auto combats or force fight finish (that gives you tonns of annoying moments), lack of musics, bad skill system that never gives you that feel "Yeah, I've become more powerful", no in combat controls, a lot of bugs and... I don't really want to continue it, The game is just... meh.

CyberusUK, May 20, 2016

I’ve known about Punch Club for a while now, in fact I was one of the first to be able to make a video of it. I loved the idea from the first moment I heard about it, an 80’s/90’s influenced management sim about fighting. It sounded like Streets of Rage crossed with the Sims, to me this seemed like an amazing combination. But in reality I could sum this game up in one simple sentence “Failed to deliver on all the promise it held!” and that would be accurate. It would be unfair to say I hate the game, there really is a lot here to like. The visuals are gorgeous and really capture that retro feel, the characters look like who they so often parody and that’s not easy when you choose this 16bit style. The locations are colorful and interesting, again with a huge amount of homages to the films from the 80’s and 90’s. The story while hugely cheesy is exactly right, it takes all the best bits of Rocky, The Godfather and many other familiar greats. Whether it be facing off against teenage mutant ninja crocodiles or finding yourself in trouble in little china it’s all here, everything you’d expect and probably lots you’ve forgotten if you were a child of the 80’s. This sounds amazing, what could be so bad? That’s probably what you’re asking yourself and it’s something I’ve been asking too, a game with great music, plot and concept could be bad? The answer of course is yes and it really all comes down to execution, you see the game is a huge grind and I don’t mean that figuratively. No, I mean you’ll spend all your time in the gym just to keep your stats up let alone improving them. There’s so much to see in the game but chances are you won’t as one unexpected trip can really put your progress back. If you want to master the game it’s really as simple as train, eat, work and fight, there really is little else if you wish to succeed. But it’s a management sim I hear you cry, that’s how they work and you would of course be right. But this game promised so much more, it could have spanned genres and made something amazing. Instead you have very little connection to the main character, not even being able to control them in fights and this is a travesty. A game that’s basis is really about unlocking fighting moves and skills, that gives you zero control of those moves but instead throws them in at random with you left to watch. A frustrating affair and a huge error by the developers if you ask me. That of course sum’s the game up, it really wouldn’t have taken a lot to make this a great game. Just make training more effective with less degeneration over time and give the player some control in fights, even if it was just a rock, paper, scissors affair it would have been something. But instead I’ve been left a little deflated at the whole experience, it’s not a terrible game but it’s not a great one. Maybe not even a good one, but passable and nothing more. It’s a shame as there are some great moments here and interesting plot lines, but it’s hard to enjoy as your always planning that next trip to the gym!

marillasky, Jan 10, 2018

The game is rigged so you always have to grind. All of your stats decrease every day if you don't train. It gets so dumb that at the end of the game you loose 20% of a level per day and you can possibly get about 20%-25, so you can only raise your stat by about 1-5% Also the ending fight glitched out. I just got the credits screen and it kicked me back to the main menu, if I try to go back and redo it just freezes on the fight scene. On top of that the dev refuses to fix the GOG version. Apparently it's because of the pirate copies originating from the GOG version of the game.