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Pure Farming 2018 Go global and expand your farm across four continents!Use the latest technology and state-of-the-art licensed machines to manage all aspects of modern farming, from cultivating land and growing crops to breeding livestock and producing green energy. Travel between Europe, Asia, and both Americas to plant region-specific crops such as hemp, coffee beans, cherries, and olives using dedicated farming vehicles. Play the way you like best: three vastly different modes means this game is meant for you, no matter if you are a simulation veteran or an enthusiastic newcomer.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1284
Genre Simulation, Virtual, Career
Company / Developer
Techland / Ice Flames
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Pure Farming 2018 reviews ( 6 )

Tego_man, Mar 20, 2018

I got it after a mate told me about it. I like it. I was surprised with the graphic – a really good looking farming sim and with stable 60 FPS - impressive. Also, more than one map to work on – that’s another surprise. You can work on your farm in Japan, Colombia, Italy. What’s cool about it is the fact they are trying hard to make them different. Expect to plant rice and harvest hemp – stuff new to me. The game doesn’t have that many machines as FS but they just started – expecting all of the brands to be in it is just silly. One thing that made me write this review is the devs – go to Steam and check the forums. They do respond – quite unusual these days. So yeah – I like it even though isn’t finished yet but I believe it shows promise. 10 goes for the devs – keep it up! Maybe we will finally get the true competitor to FS.

Simulagri, Mar 23, 2018

Pure Farming is a long story and a development on the run. If the game was originally released a year ago, the decision to postpone its release date to refine the whole could well pay off. The testers are unanimous, PF is THE game that propels agricultural simulation in a new graphic area. And not least since it is the environment Unity, mastered by the Polish studio IceFlames, which drives the whole. No need to present this graphics engine, we refer you in the test version preview, edited a few weeks ago. The preview version had some limitations: the "first farm" mode was absent, the unfinalized farm challenges, and the free game mode, called "sandbox", was limited to the "Germany" card. But that's not all, and I think this is the most important point of the game: the import menu of mods, unveiled a few days ago, was not available. On the options side, everything is there! Depending on your hardware configuration, you can fine-tune the graphics settings. Know that I tested the game on 2 very different configurations, and that it remained at least playable on the smallest (based on a small Intel Core i3 backed with 8GB of RAM and an Nvidia GT640, in short the Josephine's config). Unity is not a particularly greedy engine. You also have the ability to manage vehicle radio via an mp3 stream or your own playlist on your hard drive. Ideal for listening to news and playing at the same time. In addition to the "first farm" mode for novices who discover the world of agricultural simulations and who will be guided through a scripted tutorial to apprehend materials and commands, a "farm challenges" mode offers specific missions in race against the watch. But the mode that will seduce the vast majority of players is the free mode. This is nothing more than the career mode of Farming Simulator. And to attack this mode, you must first choose your map and some options like the starting budget, the weather and the time of day. The choice of the starting map is important because each of them has its own cultures and materials. So on the map Colombia you will be brought to grow mainly coffee and hemp. The Japan map will offer rice and cherries, the Italian map allows the cultivation of vines and olives and finally the USA map, the largest and most complete, offers more "traditional" cultures. For those who have pre-ordered the game, the Germany card, offered for the occasion, gives access to sheep farming and canola cultivation. Note that the design of maps does not have much to do with competing titles and that the sets have much more relief and details, which give them a more realistic side. On the farm side, Pure Farming offers a different approach that some will consider a step ahead, with animals that are born, evolve, die and produce that varies with the age of the animals. Note that for the moment, the corn crop is not present but it should arrive with the addition of future maps. To help you in your tasks, you can call on workers. If they do their job well, like other agricultural simulations, they are limited to 1 per field. Pure Farming puts you in the shoes of a farmer responsible for all these farms and able to travel around the world. Also you can juggle from one card to another, by plane. Each trip will cost you $ 1200, to which you will have to add some tickets if you also want to move equipment with you. In the end the long-awaited Pure Farming is likely to find its place alongside existing simulations. Simple without being simplistic, the 3 game modes can gauge the difficulty. The gameplay and approach of farming offered make this first version, a game of choice for the solo player. While waiting for the future development of the multiplayer function. My entire review on simulagri.fr

TerryJones1984, Mar 19, 2018

I bought this at launch and first experiences weren't great, but since the devs released a patch over the weekend it's a lot better. I like how the crops are different to farming sim, and how the first farm mode makes the farming more interesting, always giving you something to do instead of leaving you to figure it out for yourself. There are still bugs but the devs are very active on steam and so far they have been quick with fixes. So overall i think the game is not perfect now but its a solid start and with time and more updates, it will be a solid competitor to FS.

Crix_Doomsday, Mar 25, 2018

Zaskakująco dobra odpowiedź polskiego studia na inne symulatory rolnictwa. Dostajemy całą masę licencjonowanego sprzętu rolniczego do wyboru, tak więc każdy domorosły rolnik będzie miał w czym wybierać. Do naszej dyspozycji oddano również sporo roślin do uprawy. W grze mamy kampanię, która pozwala nam zapoznać się z zasadami gry. Prócz tego do dyspozycji mamy sporo różnych zadań pobocznych o zróżnicowanym poziomie trudności. Gra cieszy ładnymi widokami i sporym terenem do zabawy. Szkoda jednak, że niektóre tekstury są dosyć niskiej jakości. Świat gry niestety też nie należy do najżywszych, ale to można wybaczyć. Ogólnie tytuł przeznaczony głównie dla fanów gatunku, którym nie straszna monotonia pracy rolnika.

solarsound, Mar 21, 2018

So I got it because I like FS. I was looking for something of an improvement, something different and I must say they almost of delivered. I like the different farms and crops (rice and hemp and grapes) The new machines they have are cool too, although there are not that many of the usual crowd you can see in FS. I guess getting a license is not an easy thing. It is something that can disappoint. It looks nice and it plays quite all right. It can be rough though. Still, quite a lot of bugs to fix - it seems though they are working on it. No multiplayer is a big thing and the AI needs to be fixed. With all of that, I think if fixed it can be really solid. Consider me as a hopeful and curious fan. Edit +1 for a second patch they just announced!

Exanthius, Mar 13, 2018

If it weren't for the "2018" in the title I wouldn't have known that it was just released. It was recommended to me on Steam and is quite affordable, so I gave it a shot, but I was very disappointed by the graphical performance. Everything feels a little bit "off", very artificial. I don't know what exactly it is, maybe missing Global Illumination or Ambient Occlusion, but something makes this game look years older than it is. It might also be the outdated animations. Bonus point for the ingame tablet. It's a modern way of organizing tasks etc. and works very well.