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Pure Pool Get ready for the most authentic video game pool experience you've ever seen... all from the comfort of your couch. Bring the pool hall home in this slick recreation of the much-loved sport. Rack up the table with stunningly photorealistic visuals and take your shot at becoming a pool legend. Hone your skills against computer-controlled opponents or your mates - and when your friends take a break, Pure Pool can copy their play style meaning you can always cue up a fresh challenge.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1287
Genre Sports, Miscellaneous, Parlor, Alternative, Individual, Other, Billiards
Company / Developer
Ripstone / VooFoo Studios
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Pure Pool reviews ( 1 )

MadJaples, Oct 4, 2014

Pure Pool is a game that attempts to be as pure pool as it can get. It does seem like a fairly decent attempt at it too. The graphics are much more conservative than the very much pizazz, bloom and dazzle of Pool Nation - with a much more 'homely' feel to the environment rather than an eye-blinding clubbing look, something that Pool Nation offered plenty of. Then that, sadly, is where it tends to fall flat on it's arse. For one thing, if you aren't connected to the internet at all times, you are constantly reminded that the connection is not available, between poorly displayed hints and an indication of the music now playing across the top of the screen. That in itself is just a bit much in the off-putting department, but with practice you can kind of ignore it. It does take a lot of practice though. The controls are not as quick and rough and ready as they are with Pool Nation, which is the only game of similar ilk that I have to compare to in my library. It's a serious approach to the realism of actually being at the table that I think they're trying to address with it's control set, but it doesn't really work well with this kind of game. The problem really is that if you are going to port a game, it should be ported not just properly, but also appropriately. Controls are obviously not the same for a PC as they are for a PS console. Not every PC player has a controller similar to a PS controller to be tinkering with, so whilst attempting to address that very thing, they've neglected some of the finer points of controls, such as movement speed and aiming controls being smooth as well as reactive enough to warrant not being frustrated at how damn slow aiming can actually be. TL;DR/ If this game were to be stood next to Pool Nation and both games were to be human beings, Pool Nation's personality would be outgoing and bubbly, whereas Pure Pool would be serious and reserved. It is reserved, sadly in the wrong places too. Skimping on the right amount of options and also a dreadfully slow loading time on a high end system make this a bit of a flop. Graphically it is just right, but the game play let's it down badly, and the technical issues just complete the wrecking deal.