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Pure Thrill seekers race against skilled rivals and performing gravity-defying aerial tricks in Pure, an extreme sports off-road racing video game. Featuring vertigo-inducing massive aerial jumps and spectacular airborne tricks in photo-realistic real-world locations all over the globe, Pure delivers heart-pounding experiences unique to the genre. Players start by choosing among a variety of male and female character riders. They can then either race against deft A.I. opponents or online players (up to 16-player multiplayer) in frenetic races and freestyle competitions all over the world. [Disney Interactive Studios]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 82 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1338
Genre Driving, Racing, Arcade, Automobile
Company / Developer
Disney Interactive Studios / Black Rock Studio
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Pure reviews ( 1 )

JoihnO, Oct 14, 2008

This is a fun game that is not too difficult and has enough big-air-eye-candy to give you 4 mental cavities. But there is one thing that is a major downside. The Load Screens. I have a decent computer with an up to date graphics card and 4 gigs of ram. The game runs smoothly on all of the menus and the actual racing part. But it takes FOREVER to load ANYTHING. It takes me 4 minutes to get to the main menu. Another 4 minutes to load the map, and another 3 minutes just to leave the race and go to the main menu. It's riduclous. I enjoy playing this game, but I will uninstall it next week and throw it away if the load screens continue to take forever.