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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Enjoy a new board, new weapons, new tactics and more in this incredibly addictive puzzle gameboard battle. Collect a fleet of customizable spaceships, which endow your player with new skills and abilities, and fight in over 150 battles. Save the galaxy in your custom-made fleet of starships. Manipulate the puzzle gems in zero gravity on an all-new hexagonal puzzle board. Battle across the galaxy in multiplayer wars and compete for rankings in online leaderboards. Short, easy pick-up and play battles, with incredible depth and RPG-style character building. [Aspyr Media]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1393
Genre Miscellaneous, Puzzle, Matching
Players 2 Online
Company / Developer
D3Publisher / Infinite Interactive

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix reviews ( 6 )

RickyS, Feb 26, 2009

I am a big fan of the first puzzle quest, and after a few hours of one on one time with Galactrix I can safely say the new iteration does not disappoint. At first I was a bit shaken by the new puzzle game mechanics, but after some time I grew accustom to them, and began to under stand why they changed the setup. The new system is provides the player with more options for strategic moves, not only can the piece move in 6 directions rather than 4, the way the pieces fall also changes. The big WOW moment was the first time i opened my galactic map, the number of systems is truly epic, each system with 3-6 'planets'. The only gripe I have with the game is the system to open jump gates. It requires you to match certain colors in a certain order, with a limited amount of time. Because of the time limit, it feels more like luck than skill. I found myself restarting the puzzle two or three times until I found one where the first 5 colors were easily matched.

AlanB, Mar 13, 2009

The new puzzle board is really clever and requires refreshingly different tactics to get the most out of your moves. Hacking is often criticised but the "you have to wait for the gems to fall while the timer ticks down" design is deliberate, and there to make you avoid cascades, which is just part of the tactical play of the game. It seems almost impossible at first but is easy once you get into the swing. Having said this, Galactrix is not as good as the first Puzzle Quest. Main problems are a less interesting story with relatively mundane characters. They're just not that interesting or well-written. The original game which had me in fits of laughter, but this one only got the occasional chuckle. Also, some ship modules are just way too powerful and should not have been included as they are basically an I-win button. And the game crashes periodically on both XP and Vista, which is just shoddy and unprofessional. Still, worth getting for your gem-matching fix, I would definitely still recommend it over Bejewled Twist - just don't expect too much from Galactrix and you won't feel let down.

ChoicestGames, Mar 3, 2012

Value for money Puzzle/RPG hybrid (with more of an emphasis on the puzzles this time around) and it's Australian made! I especially like the sci-fi setting.

AdamR, Apr 4, 2009

The original was an amazing accomplishment, managing the complexity of an RPG, the accessibility of Bejewled, a so-bad-its-good story with a few genuinely good bits, and lots of very intuitive mechanics that added great depth. For some reason, it seems they decided that even that was too complex, made the game slightly simpler, and infinitely less meaningful. The new grid is not necessarily a bad move, but while everything else dumbed the game down, the increased number of angles traded thought out strategy for dumb luck. And is it just me, or are the graphics significantly worse then the original? If this was the first Puzzle Quest game, I would have to applaud it based on the sheer strength behind the concept. As it is, it's the poor mans PQ:CotW. If you've played neither, get the original. If your looking at Galactrix after playing the original, just go play the original again. Though not entirely bad, there no reason to buy this game when there's another option that's superior in every way.

JohanK, Feb 28, 2009

I loved the first Puzzle Quest even though Infinite Interactive dropped the ball on that one and never patched the horribly flawed PS3 version (having the same song repeated over and over again).Given how much Galactrix crashes, let's hope they do not blatantly ignore that their product is broken; this time around. The gameplay isn't too bad but iit does lack the feel of a finished product. Many times you will click and click again just to get the game to respond - this is felt even in the intro screen. What worse is that the although new hex grid is a good move, the combos on it isn't. Except for the old frustration when your enemy blindly manages to get combo after combo from new games dropping in on the board (And this has been cranked up, get used to 5-10 combo moves) there's one real problem: While hacking gateways which is a timed mini-game, the game will happily waste your time dropping useless after useless combo while you frantically try to click that gem you need to move. Even if it isn't for the time stress you'd still be clicking in frustration because there's no clear indicator of when the game releases the control back to you. I'm going back to the PS3 version of the original game, at least that I can play with the game music turned off and enjoy it (which is a shame because both games have really great background tracks).

Bolter, Jan 6, 2012

Terrible.The storyline is very lackluster and boring which means there is nothing to keep you intrested in searching the solar system. The solar system segments are again pointless and forcing you to hack a jump gate within a certain time limit is just again boring and annoying. You can use "PSI" but runs out fast. The actual puzzle bored was intresting as it actually made it intresting and kept you on your toes until the AI which im starting to think is just copied from game to game just plain out cheats. Starting thinking wow that was a lucky combo of bombs / shields together but after 6 matches it was just to plain obvious that the AI either knew what was next or was generating what it needed. Tbh the game is just boring but great if u love losing.