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Q.U.B.E. Set in a mysterious and abstract sterile environment, Q.U.B.E. (Quick Understanding of Block Extrusion) is a first-person puzzle game that challenges players to navigate each level by manipulating coloured cubes that surround them. There
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 71 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2078
Genre Miscellaneous, Puzzle, Logic
Company / Developer
Toxic Games / Toxic Games
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Q.U.B.E. reviews ( 7 )

Racaoma, Jul 29, 2012

Wonderfull game! Our era need more games like this. Simple yet innovative. Nice music. Visually atractive. Quite challenging at some points. And above all that, SMART. Worth every single cent. Amused me in every single puzzle, specially the ones in the dark. Surprising ending too. Some people think that the game is crappy for the lack story but in my opinion one thing that make this game so good is exactly the lack of it. That way when you proceed through the chambers you wonder who created them, what was the purpose of all that and many other things that are, at least partially, explained when you beat it. People with at least a drop of creativity, imagination and logic should love this game. Looking foward to Q.U.B.E. 2!

thebluerider, Jul 2, 2012

I had awesome fun with this puzzle game. Extrude and move cubes to reach the exit. Much variation that foces the player to change the way of solving puzzles every 3rd or 4th puzzle. Difficulty goes from easy to quite challangeing withougt ever being unfair. Do not try to compare it with portal. It somehow looks like portal but those two games aren't really compareable. The puzzles and are just way too different.

Keromyaou, Jan 11, 2012

A very good puzzle game indeed. Superficially there are some resemblances of this game to Portal series. However, the mechanics of this puzzle game is significantly different from that of Portal games. In this game you don't generate portals. Instead you are supposed to touch and to activate varous colored cubes which have different functions. You need to figure out the functions of different color cubes and to find out the way to go forward by using these color cubes in appropriate combinations. Since the mechanics of this game is very different from that of Portal, you don't feel like repeating Portal games under different disguises at all. There is no story unlike Portal 2. This game is for pure logic puzzles. The game is available as both a steam version and a DRM-free version (Gamersgate).

Ematan, Feb 23, 2012

An interesting play, especially when given no instructions - not even with the controls! The player has to discover everything themselves. The puzzles were intriguing and not too easy most of the time. However, the game felt quite a lot like a portal copy on some parts. There was no narration though, which is good in my opinion, since then it would have been TOO much of a copy.It was a generally good game and I would have hoped for it to last longer. Or then the pricing could have been a bit less.(There were some glitches with Steam achievements, but according to the new update they should be fixed by now.)

UjuidarEhcram, Mar 12, 2012

Q.U.B.E is a first-person puzzle game that tries very hard to be Portal. It's a decent game, but it falls far short of Portal's glory.The decision to not incude any instructions is interesting. I was able to figure everything out after a while, but there are many moving parts and it's easy to forget which parts do what. Portal was elegant. Portals were the solution to every problem. In this game, you push blocks, pull blocks, rotate rooms, move balls, switch gravity, push wires, and more. Once you figure out how something works, instead of mastering it, new moving parts are thrown in. Combine that with non-resettable puzzles where you can get stuck, and it adds up to poor level design. The puzzles are somewhat entertaining and decently tough.The setting is really boring. Little sound, and nobody says anything. It's like walking through a hospital.Puzzle fans may enjoy this, but don't pay too much for it, especially for such a short game. $5 is about right.

dumle, Jul 30, 2012

Qube is an interesting game. It has a great visual feel to it and a pleasant soundtrack and atmosphere with it. The quality of the puzzles on the hand is kind of mixed. The game never gives you any tutorial or hints on how stuff works and you sometimes find yourself in awkward situations where its not clear what you are supposed to do to advance. Later in the game there is also some puzzles that is mostly trial and error based and are more time-consuming than really hard. There is also instances where its more difficult to psychically solve the puzzles than to mentally solve the puzzles which is kind of annoying. Its campaign could be a bit longer (about 5-6 hours) but its pretty varied with pretty interesting level and puzzle design. Its still an alright puzzle game though and if you are into the genre you should definitely check it out consider its low price.

BinarySplit, Jan 16, 2012

Too short. Too simple. Stole a lot from Portal, but didn't have any of the intrigue or humor. $15 for 3 hours of bland gameplay? No thanks. If this was $10 cheaper, I'd give it a 5/10.