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Quern - Undying Thoughts Discover the truth about Quern’s past, unfold the mysteries of its present, and be the explorer who shapes its future. Quern introduces reusable puzzle mechanics to the classic genre, making the player think about the game as a whole, and not just as a series of individual challenges.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 85 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1004
Genre Adventure, 3D, First-Person
Company / Developer
Zadbox Entertainment / Zadbox Entertainment

Quern - Undying Thoughts reviews ( 3 )

bradward, Jul 18, 2017

Absolutely the best puzzle game I have played in a decade and a half. Atmosphere: 10/10. The atmosphere in Quern is much like that of Riven. It feels like you are exploring an area that has been in isolation from the rest of humanity for thousands of years, and their technology has largely taken a different path. It is refreshingly foreign, which is a great background for a puzzle game. Puzzles often fit nicely into the environment--nothing seems out of place. Puzzle Variety: 10/10. Nearly every puzzle was very different from the last, but some puzzle elements are revisited throughout the game, often with some sort of twist. Often, puzzles would somehow involve the environment, so careful observation helped out a lot. No puzzle ever became dull, and I feel I could replay this game immediately and not become bored with literally any puzzle. Some puzzles even change with each try, or each play through. Puzzle difficulty: 9/10. Puzzles varied in difficulty, but most provided a distinct challenge, offering just enough information to solve the puzzle, while still making you do a lot of thinking. There were a few instances where I gave up and looked up a walkthrough, but I usually found that my failure was my own fault. The game had given me enough information in order to solve a puzzle, but I had failed to remember something, or just didn't look around quite enough. There were only maybe one or two puzzles where I thought the game didn't provide enough information on how to solve a puzzle. Most were expertly crafted. Game Mechanics: 8/10. Quern has an in-game screenshot/note-taking system, which is awesome and I used it often, but I often found myself taking notes with a pen and paper as well for convenience or speed. You can lock your camera view by pressing right click, which is really convenient. I felt the inventory was nicely done. You have an option to get a hint about any given inventory item, but since the puzzles are so well designed, I only elected to get a hint in one or two instances. Sound: 10/10. The music just fit--I don't know how else to describe it. It was not intrusive, nor was it out of place. Sounds always fit the environment, and added to the immersive atmosphere. Bottom Line: 10/10. It took me about 14 hours to play through once, and I will undoubtedly play it again. I bought it on a Steam sale, but had I known the quality of this game, I would easily recommend it or buy it myself at full price. A game like this hasn't been around for 15+ years, and if you like puzzle games, you simply cannot pass this one up.

AuldWolf, Oct 30, 2017

What Obduction could have been? What Obduction should have been! This captures the tone, the atmosphere, and the spirit of the Myst genre to a tee. A living, believable world where the puzzles are more a part of the world's function than mere gameplay elements. Clever, ingenious puzzle and environment design, coupled with incredible audio direction, and an enthralling story really does make for an adventure any Myst fan would be remiss to miss out on.

gpstevens, Jan 1, 2018

If you loved Myst and Riven like I did, you will love Quern. It feels and plays very similar, but with better graphics and detail. The puzzles are outstanding and very clever in how they build upon each other. Highly enjoyed this game. My only criticism is that the game controls were a bit jolty, even with the graphics level turned down. I'm running an I7 quad laptop, but it was still quite jolty in the interface. Otherwise, a very enjoyable game. I would highly recommend.