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Quest for Infamy

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 65 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1662
Genre Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Phoenix Online Publishing / Infamous Quests

Quest for Infamy reviews ( 7 )

Instructore, May 1, 2016

Considering it claimed to be a P&C old school adventure game, it delivered and deserved its 10. Game play may seem bugged at times, but it's mostly isn't, fighting is out of the question, if you're looking for a game that is good with coding / mechanically / game-play / graphics you're allowed to move away, this game isn't about that and it could get frustrating. BUT- It is evident the devs poured all their talent and souls into it to make a truly 10/10 script / plot / characters. This game is about the story and the telling of it, and development of the plot and the characters and I found myself astounded by it. I was greatly entertained from the prelude, all past the plot, and till the end. While playing I have experienced what I thought to be bugs, but it turned out to be mostly my own bad, which means it could have been developed a little bit differently to avoid confusions. Still all the down sides do not make me turn down this game. I hope you buy this game and enjoy it A LOT for the 5~15 hours it takes you to solve it.

Fuz, Jul 23, 2014

An absolutely excellent point and click adventure. The game it's an obvious parody of the old Quest for Glory games. It combines the classic P&C gameplay with some RPG mechanics. The main character can decide to be a bandit, a thief or a mage after a little bit in the first chapter, then he gets quests accordingly. There also are some stats that can be improved by using them (sneaking, combat, magic etc.). The core of the game is however the puzzle solving, and all puzzles are well designed and always logic. Storywise, it's nothing special... there isn't a deep, original story, but it's well written and it never gets boring, also thank the fun cast of characters and a good work of voiceover (which is technically subpar, sometimes). The main character is a likable bastard who's mostly only interested in himself and it's refreshing to have after so many games with boring do-gooders. The graphics are extremely good, the locations are fantastic, varied and well designed, the characters have a lot of personality and the humor can be quite funny (but maybe not for everyone). It does have a few flaws: the combat is very dull and uninteresting, and at the beginning of the game there is a lot of legwork and it's easy to get lost (but you get a map after a while, which completely solves this problem). Very, very good P&C game.

CousinJimmy, Aug 10, 2014

Infamous Quests delivered exactly what they said they would, a traditional point and click adventure game similar to the second genre of Sierra games. I finished this game as a rogue and the only thing I wish there was more of was character development. The main character, Mr. Roehm, isn't really a bad guy. I wanted to be a bad guy. The worst thing I've been able to do so far is to get him to push the farmer who is picking apples off his ladder. I was hoping for more a Quest For Glory meeting Grand Theft Auto. The other characters had so much potential. Kit, Ina, Jan all seemed under-developed. I can imagine a bar mission where Roehm and Kurdt get Jan hammered and he spills his guts about how bad of a boss Rayford is. Roehm should have been able to try to sneak Ina up to his room and have to avoid the innkeeper and his hickory stick. Still, in this day and age of brainless first-person shooters and snowy pure protagonists, it was nice being the bad guy for once, even if this bad guy isn't very bad.

romulus16, Jul 22, 2014

The game as most people on here will know is heavily inspired by the Quest for Glory series except instead of a Hero you get to play a charming bastard with his own personality. This may not be to the liking of some people that prefer a quiet main character that they solely influence but I found Rohem (and the Narrator) especially fun to follow for my rough 10 hour play time. Combat itself I have to say I did not like too much where hits would barely hit and I would just find myself blocking to charge my super attack then using that continually. The world itself was nice but I have to admit it was missing something special or maybe a bit of charm and was not very big at all. My other gripe to do with the world was that there was not many side quests to it which was a little bit of a let down. Now for something that I was extremely happy with, an adventure game with puzzles that make sense!!! This basically means that even though you may get a little stuck it won't be long till you figure out what you have to do which is always nice. Some of the Quests/Story elements let you also have little choices to influence the outcome which is nice. All in all though I was happy with the purchase and can not wait for the sequel! (It has it's own self contained story but hints at a sequel.... Well by hint slaps you in the face

Shootthemup, Sep 5, 2014

Getting back to some old school adventuring. Right when u get in the game, you are aware that this is a spin-off of a old classic Quest for Glory. For those old enough, this will be a return to their childhood of playing a adventure game with a funny characters and totally confusing storyline :P A mix of classic adventure games and rpg based on 3 different classes, will make you wanna play more and more, to see what strange thing will happen later on :)

Pinkbeaver, Jul 16, 2014

Seems perfect up to mid-game. Exploring is really fun, semi-open world with many locations, some locked until various quests are finished. The rpg-ish aspects of the game work well, three specializations (classes) with their own set of quests and a lot of items - some usable, some connected to the story puzzles, or class quests. Very nice artwork and sounds. Full voice-over is great (but sometimes sounds a bit dirty, unedited). Sometimes the game even gives you multiple ways to finish a puzzle. All of this makes the beginning of the game really fun and promising, but at the same time it raises the expectations to dangerous levels. (at least mine) All in all the puzzles are quite easy, if you know what's needed of you, but could be confusing if you're not sure what next step to take. You can equip/upgrade weapons and armor, but fighting mechanics (when you get the hang of them) are flat and monotonous. Fights are hard at first, but just too easy in the end. When you explore what there is to explore, it boils down to looking for quest-givers, and for scripted area-related triggers (some hard to find even with good amount of reasoning). The game also gives you a nice "the whole world is out there" feeling, making the player think that the game world is bigger than it actually is, which is very nice, BUT when you get on with the story the world just stops "growing". After the first half of the game you basically go from one already-explored place to another to tie up the "main quest". An then the game ends very quickly and abruptly. Maybe there was some mid-end game area to explore, planned. Maybe the studio ran out of money. There is something missing, besides mediocre puzzle design for sure. If i wrote this review after first impressions i would give it a clean 10, without doubts, (i'm a big fan of old-school point&click adventures) but after finishing it i was a bit disappointed. I wanted to give an honest review, that why the score is so low, but if you're a fan of P&C adventure games please buy this title! Too much money go these days to sales-safety oriented studios making unimaginative games. And too little to developers with passion and love for the art! Quest for Infamy is a very good but very imperfect game.

Shadiac, Sep 3, 2014

The Pros: - New take on the classic series in terms of heroism (in this case, infamy) - Great close-up character animation and location music - Cheerful voicing - A couple of jokes are pretty funny - The storyline is respective in length of the previous titles (i.e. it's not a 30 minute game) The cons: - The game still has a few bugs here and there - Main character has his own name and his own background. You still amount to some of his actions, but from the first look we take at him, we know he's just some scumbag passing for someone he isn't - There isn't much deviation in the plot, besides the three character classes of course. But even these classes aren't clear cut and you don't know why you have to choose one over another (unlike in the original series, where each of them was explained at the beginning). Plus, much of the plot itself is very straightforward and shallow. Once you've chosen a class, none of the actions define you. Then why would you even choose one, once again? - Much of the humor is very puerile. Jokes about intercourse and defecation were never Roberta Williams' forte. - Many deaths are so in-your-face that you actually wonder who wouldn't know they could die from doing so - Basically, nothing else is explained. The manual repeats many things said in the game itself, but nobody explains the score system, the points (which you can't adjust, by the way) and it feels like whomever made this game simply presume the player undoubtedly knows about the original series The so-sos: - Animation. 2014 isn't 1994, even if you build it on a QFG engine, you don't actually have to keep 256 colors - Interface. Explaining it a bit better would've helped.