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Qvadriga Qvadriga is a tactical game of chariot racing in ancient Roman circuses, where you take control of a four horse chariot team. Choose your preferred upgrade combinations and prove your skills at the arena.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1381
Genre Strategy, Turn-Based, Historic
Company / Developer
Slitherine Software , Slitherine / Turnopia
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Qvadriga reviews ( 3 )

alejes02, Feb 24, 2015

Addicting game. You won't care about your "Qvadriga" but you will become entranced by the game play. There are layers to this game that only become evident after many hours of play.

Skulb, Mar 13, 2015

A surprisingly satisfying racing game which is no bells and whistles but all gameplay. Controlling a stable of qvadriga (Chariot, four horses and a driver) your aim is to tour the late Roman Empire until you can compete and win in the Circus Maximus in Rome. And that is an appropriate place to go, considering that the main inspiration for this game was the old board game, Circus Maximus. It isn`t quite as detailed as that because that would slow the game down. But all the tactical concepts of the board game are present. The action is top down and turn based, and every ten seconds you decide on an action for your rider to take. This action then plays out at the same time as your rivals`, and against the shifting circumstances of the race. Do you accelerate down the stretch? Good idea unless someone blocks you, bad idea if they do. Do you take advantage of a stunned rival and attack him with your whip? Might work unless someone on the opposite side tries to do the same to you. Do you risk a turn at high speed to gain an advantage going into the final stretch? Great plan unless your chariot breaks and you end up being dragged by your horses while flat on your face in the dirt. There is always some element of RNG to this type of gameplay, and there is some frustration as well, at least while you learn the ropes. But for the most part you get a good feel for what opponents are likely to do in any given situation, and the game does an admirable job of being fair. Misread any situation at any time however and you are likely to lose either a horse, your wagon or your rider. There is no mercy when you mess up. Nor should there be I think. The game is in fact very honest indeed, and some races are shockingly easy if you get an early lead and people behind you have accidents. Other races are totally impossible as you get completely trashed on the opening stretch and end up limping around the remaining half lap until you can click the auto finish button. And it isn`t scripted in any way but a productive result of a flexible and robust game design. The variation is the consequence of the rules and nothing else. It is refreshing when a developer simply sets the parameters of the game and then leaves the scripting to the complex movements of multiple objects in space-time, including the player. That`s all the scripting Qvadriga needs and it works perfectly. The main resource to manage is the stamina of your horses. If you whip them they will run faster even than their top speed. But they might take damage from this and will run slower at max speed as their health decreases. The more you use your whip the more exhausted your horses will become. A steady pace might win some races while driving the horses into the dirt might win others. The chariot can also break down, and particularly the wheels. If one comes off you will inevitably get dragged behind your horses, and unless close to the goal line on the final lap you probably need to try and escape the track to avoid being dragged to death. There is a great variation in tracks, with dozens to choose from of varying length, width and prestige. Each race can have from 4 to 16 chariots, and the more there are the more chaos and destruction is likely to occur. And it is all great fun. The only negatives with this game is the complete lack of multiplayer and the somewhat shallow managerial part of the game. The graphics are simple but adequate. But then this is not meant to be a flashy game anyway. It has the gameplay spot on and deserves all credit for this. To be honest though I must say that it is a bit overpriced given the mentioned limitations. Particularly the lack of multiplayer is a weak point. But if you like a good racing game and enjoy some Ben Hurish action then you can do far worse than Qvadriga. It is the best chariot racing game on any video game system to date. Can`t complain about that, now can we?

Sjalka, Sep 29, 2014

This is literally a "mini"-game. limited customization, very limited progression of upgrades and tuning options and sadly - almost no pilot progression, making you care very little for your charriot pilot at all. i can think of many things that would have added tremendously to my gaming experience. however - this is a minigame, not an AAA title, so i have to put it into perspective. for a minigame of that caliber - i still give it 4 points ... 10 points if it was a "freegame" on mobile - but i am rating a PC game here - so yea. on the PC - it is fun for a short time.