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Rage An action game set in a post-apocalyptic landscape jam-packed with driving and shooting, created by John Carmack and the rest of the Doom crew.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 14119
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Modern, Arcade
Company / Developer
Bethesda Softworks / id Software

Rage reviews ( 7 )

Gill_Ludhiana, Oct 4, 2011

A thoroughly enjoyable game. It has all the plus points - good gameplay, impressive graphics, great music. I cannot wait to complete the game with all the possible side quests. John Carmack has given one more winner.

xplo99, Oct 5, 2011

This game has issues but its not a bad game. It reminds me of Doom 2; a game that I really liked. Speaking of Doom 2, back then I had a really slow computer and I had to sometimes wait a relatively long time for stages to load but I had fun. However, one thing this game does not have is dumb enemies. I liked Gears of War mostly because of the challenging enemies. However, GoW2 and GoW3 made the enemies stupid in favor of eye candy. In rage I get both eye candy and challenging enemies (I'm not big into stories, which is what so many are complaining about, what happen to those same complaints for Fallout, which had dry static animation, a slowwwww moving plot, and damn near card board npcs) -- so at least for me the game gets a 9.

Grego, Oct 11, 2011

After finally getting the right video drivers for my E8400 and 5850, to get smooth FPS, the game was nice.Cool enemy animations, sick outdoor design, with themes of flesh and mech, as with all id tech games. Plus little bit rpg elements.Not really worth 60 bucks, unless you're fan of grotesque art style games, I guess, with classic sawed off double barrel shotty action.

Dustysis, Oct 28, 2011

Many years ago, id software made Quake and Doom very very good game. But now... What it is? It is so bad shooter. Very short single, bad coop and boring multiplayer! Very bad, id software, very bad!

Twobles, Oct 4, 2011

Graphics are well done so are the animations, thats really all this game has going for it. Over the last decade we are noticing more and more games turning into plane old shooters nothing more. This game is clearly only for those who like to run and gun and ignore everything else. Loot is not exciting at all, its find ammo and things to open doors for more ammo. There is not alot of originality to this game just alot of repetitive action. We have all already played games like this we should all save 60$$.

rasta_man2357, Jul 10, 2012

Oh dear, I must remember never again to look forward to a new ID game. After the somewhat awesomeness of quake wars enemy territory, I had quite high hopes for the mention of a new title to add to my ever favourite game developers name and with mention of the new 'ID tech 5' engine I couldn't wait to pre-order this 'Big crazy shooter'. 'ID tech 5' was actually just a slightly suped up bulletstorm engine and was used badly. The graphics are medioca at best with many glitches, boring combat and although there are a hell of a lot of weapons, they all seem a bit, samey. Co-op was also un-surprisingly boring with hour after hour of banging one's head against the wall trying to ****ing defibrillate yourself to life. I enjoyed the classic ID titles: Doom, quake (Oh, I could gush about quake SO MUCH) and wolfenstein but rage is a title that should bring ID shame as such a poor comparison.

Mortreal, Jul 22, 2012

The game doesn't work, it runs smooth but textures are bugged, spent two days trying everything, it won't work for me. I kinda feel like I've been stolen, we should all bring them to court and get our money back, you can't get stuff that doesn't work on the market and steal peoples money like that, this should not be legal...