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Raiders of the Broken Planet This new game is a multiplayer 4 vs 1 asymmetrical third person shooter that features a distinctive blend of shooting, brawling and thinking man’s strategy. We think this game is a mouth-watering proposition to gamers looking for an immersive, cinematic story coupled with intense and epic online action.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 56 / 100
User rating
Downloads 739
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, MOBA
Company / Developer
Mercury Steam / Mercury Steam

Raiders of the Broken Planet reviews ( 5 )

JohnSklad, Feb 10, 2018

Solid mechanic of the fights(like rock-paper-scissors) gives this game good re-playability. Its 4 versus 1 Antagonist. But you can play it in solo mode. Many stylish characters and even more weapons. Nice narrative. Awesome lore! Oh ive forgot about soundtrack, love it. So the game is like Firefly, cowboy bebop and Seven Samurai(七人の侍 Shichinin no Samurai) blended together.

Jhenun, Feb 8, 2018

It seems incredible to me the work that Mercury Steam has done to create this world, its lore and its characters. The graphic engine removes hiccups, the character designs are a real pass, the soundtrack is a delight that goes to the game as a ring to the finger, the gameplay is, if simple, frantic, agile and very fun. The characters and their abilities make them attractive to the eye, fun and different from each other. From the story that the game tells I can not talk because I have not played beyond the two free missions of the Eternal Soldier campaign, but it gives me that it has juice. I would love to see more of the lore of this Raiders, merchandising, movies, video games, single player with the quality of Mercury Steam, etc. All this said, I refuse to give the game for lost. I want to believe that Mercury Steam will sooner or later take the necessary measures to capture players and keep their offspring well stocked with content and playability to make it grow until the bombing that should have been. I trust and I want to believe that at some point Mercury Steam will start talking to the community to improve and solve all the obvious problems that the videogame has and that is causing people (even the most faithful and staunch) to leave the ship. I will follow the future development of the video game closely, I will investigate if they introduce changes, improvements, if the base of fans and players increases to an acceptable point and at the moment in which the miracle occurs, the first thing that I will do is buy the campaign "Alien Myths "

ShadowSeick, Jan 30, 2018

Pufff, this game has good aesthetics, good music and good dubbing. The mechanics aren't well polished but fun, and you will enjoy more playing it with a game motion. You can play the main history, well the missions you can play without paying anything, as Raiders (the good guys) or as Antagonist (the bad guy), everyone with different powers, guns and pros and cons (strong and weak points), they are very balanced and enjoyable with different personalities. It has an enormous potential and i love to see a 3rd person shooter innovating with their mechanics. And don't be fooled, the game itself isn't MOBA nor strategy is purely 3rd person shooter with objectives, pretty fun i have to say and if you play with friends even more fun and it shows something of strategy but that's all. But, and it's a big one, the most problematic issue in this game is the inner economics. It's good to see a game they could sell for a full price being free to play and even so you can unlock everything with the money in game. The problem is the huge money they want you to spend to have them. If you have friends to play with and the full campaign, not only the first mission and another random one (it changes per week), you could do it and enjoying while you have the enough money to buy new missions, skins or characters. They only offer one and another one random and it gets quite stressful and repetitive to get the 100 000 credits to pay for a period of time, not unlocked forever just a rental, one mission you can choose. Overall, the game has a lot of potential if they balance the economics, let everyone to spend a reasonable amount of money (not almost 40€/$ per character) for everything in the game while the players who don't want to spend anything can unlock everything with its credits, solve minor issues and not to be repetitive put multiplayer or another mode it seems like destiny without RPG nor multiplayer (but with a good story as long as i played the free missions). I wanted to say this is a really good game but its not so bad as another reviews say and it is a good time as long as you spend 10€/$ per campaign (with a lot of missions, almost 20 per campaign). A pity but i have faith on this project. If they change this problems i would be the first one playing it.

PULKEMONTHE, Sep 25, 2017

bad: Is a pity the game has good ideas but its animations and mechanics of game added even gameplay robotic and bored a great disappointment good: great direction of ar

lhmtgame, Dec 19, 2017

RAIDERS OF THE BROKEN PLANET is a piece of scratch. Graphics is good but not the game content. It's not RPG, TPS or even MOBA game. Just try it and you gonna delete the game in not more than 15'.