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Randal's Monday Randal's Monday is a whacky space-time odyssey in classic adventure design, spiced up with a myriad geek culture references from the last thirty years.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 59 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1728
Genre Adventure, General, Point-and-Click
Company / Developer
Daedalic Entertainment / Nexus Game Studio
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Randal's Monday reviews ( 7 )

Hechss, Nov 4, 2015

A classic adventure with an amazing story, enormous jokes, valuable freak references everywhere and creative puzzles. Even if some crazy inventory combinations make it a little difficult, a step-by-step guide doesn't let the player go mad. With around 12 hours of gameplay and a fantastic voice acting, I strongly recommend it!

Agapito, Nov 30, 2014

Ein großartiges Spiel wie früher: lustig, unterhaltsam und mit einer super Vertonung. Wir haben es mit herausfordernden Puzzlen zu tun und finden eine Fülle von Verweisen auf die großen Klassiker der 90er wie zum Beispiel Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle etc. Es ist das perfekte Spiel für Liebhaber der „point and click games“. 100% Daedalic Style. Definitiv zu empfehlen!

euphoria9266, Dec 8, 2014

Stuck in the story, fun conversations and awesome voice acting with Jeff Anderson starring and Jason Mewes in a cameo role. Appealing cantoonish style and puzzles a bit too difficult and long but always funny. Loved this game. Surprising finale. A must for all the classic adventure gamers.

Sjalka, Nov 17, 2014

Randal's Monday is very well done on the technical side. Crisp and clear cartoon graphics - mostly OKish voice acting and an interesting story should score high. - But the puzzles are not always very well done, - sometimes, one has to fall back to the old click-adventure-behaviour .. which means, "combine everything in your inventory with everything and click on everything on the screen" The story starts a little slow but picks up. It is a solid adventure game that does not stand out much - neither positively nor negatively.

Balithras, Feb 22, 2015

The game is fun at the beginning, but the illogical nature of the puzzles ruins the experience and makes the second half of the game a suffering experience.

Voyou, Dec 20, 2015

The game starts with an unfunny, seemingly endless dialogue that climaxes with a puking scene, then goes back to more boring dialogues. And I'm already out of here. Warning: The ratio play/watch is lower than even in a Telltale product, which I thought was only possible in 1980s Japanese games. Besides, the only actual playing I was allowed to do, combining two objects, was so stupid already that I can't be bothered. This is one of the weakest adventure games to ever step pixel into my monitor.

xekcedom, Mar 11, 2015

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