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Raven's Cry Raven's Cry thrusts you into the dark heart of the Caribbean with the story of Christopher Raven and his quest for revenge against the pirates who killed his family.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 29 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2302
Genre Historic, Strategy, Real-Time, General
Company / Developer
TopWare Interactive / Reality Pump
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Raven's Cry reviews ( 7 )

Rannigan, Mar 15, 2016

I started this game expecting **** I was pleasantly surprised when It was GOTY, 10/10 Would play again.The main character is really gruff and tough, and the story is so good, you will **** your pants!

antarcite, Feb 2, 2015

Raven's cry vs Assassins Creed Black Flag If you are waiting for a game as " assassins creed black flag" forget. But if you are waiting for a different game but similar to AC BF maybe this game is not a bad idea. This game is a different game but in many ways resemble the " asssassins creed BF" Despite my expectations are such a good game or better than " Assassins creed black flag" The truth is that the legends are not manufactured every year , but rather appear from time to time . It is unfair to be demanding a computer game as good or better than the " Assassins creed BF". Let see: - Naval battles: Yes, it's identical to AC BF, but the commands are more complicated and the guns are not so accurate. We have various types of ammunition and unlike AC BF board the ship is not very easy. In this game we can buy other boats and make upgrades in them as in AC BF The line of fire is equal to the AC however has only one direction and is controlled only up and down. Has more realism to be this way, is not as arcade style. The death in the crew is the same as AC. Depending we being targeted the crew dies. - Trade and earn money Yes, we can buy and sell goods where it is most profitable. We won more board a ship instead of destroying it - Fights The commands are more complicated and not so spontaneous. We have various kinds of items to equip, swords, pistols, etc. and we can buy a wide range of options. Defend sword attack is much more hard than the AC BF, and sometimes it makes little sense. If we are not facing enemy no need to defend because we are always hurted.... The animation when the enemy is hit is not as good as AC BF. Ammunition for the pistol are very expensive. One bullet costs 100 (One shot only). change the ship's sails for example are 150 .. We can kill the enemy without him repair, but always on the ground as opposed to AC. Sometimes the movements are stopped, but it's nothing special. Only some weapons we can get from the dead bodies, but we can loot something else - Graphics, dialogs and history. The dialogues have a bug, sometimes the actors lose the voice and put subtitles to replace the sound. The graphics are good and the atmosphere is pleasant and realistic. We have the main story and many other quests over playing time. The graphics from time to time have bugs but nothing serious. Sometimes the player gets stuck in the scenario.

sdgdsgsdgs, Dec 31, 2015

Game with bugs and poor optimization. Nevertheless, there is a good story and style. The game is quite diverse, it has something to do because a lot of quests.

Datamari, Dec 7, 2015

A poor excuse for a video game. Raven's Cry has to be one of the worst games i've played in recent years; it did nothing right. The game is completely broken, even worse than Sonic Boom's standards. The worst part about it is that it sometimes erases your game entirely! The game itself is trash; the combat is just mashing a button until you win, the frame rate is choppy, and the dialogue is stupid. But do you want to know what the worst part about this game is? It's packed to the brim with homophobia, racism, and sexism. It's not like South Park: The Stick of Truth where they just mention it and move on, it's practically EVERYWHERE. Did they not see that it was offensive? This game is absolute disaster, it's so bad, it's painful. If you bought this game thinking it was a good game... I am so sorry. Raven's Cry gets a 1/10.

Avadon, Feb 1, 2015

Oh dear God, this is a pre alpha sold as a full release. Before writing this, I thought I'd just be more efficient by listing the things that are NOT broken in it, but on second thought I can't really find much. From the very first moment you swing a weapon in this game, you'll know you've been had. The combat system and animations sent shockwaves of pure disgust down my bones. Ok, nevermind, I'll just go free sail like in Black Flag at least. NOPE. There is no free sailing. You go from predetermined point A to point B ONLY, and things might happen on the way. The facepalms almost went right through my skull. Is it worth it? Well, after 2+ years of patching and at a 90% sale, it might be. At least when nothing is moving it looks kinda nice.

Kadeemluvmusic, Dec 16, 2015

As much as more crappier than Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5, I would put Raven's Cry as the ultimate worst games ever. After the buggy but slightly decent MMO Two Worlds, the folk's over at Reality Pump thought it would be a great idea to make a somewhat Assassin's Creed lookalike into a total farce. There's so much wrong with Raven's Cry. When I looked it up at GameSpot in its review, I thought this reminds me how bad Ride To Hell: Retribution really is and now you have the opposite of sucking so hard. All I'm saying is, the script is lame, weak mechanics, incohesive level design, shoddy voice acting (Take notes, OG Resident Evil), and surprise. Millions upon millions of cringeworthy bugs galore. I hope just like they removed Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of Kuma, wait till I'm laughing at this game while Steam should do the right thing as well. As a matter of fact, I should make my own Change.org petition and send a message to whoever made this crap. Just make a disappearing act and go away for good.

art_23, Feb 2, 2015

I just played like 5 to 10 minutes of this game and was stunned by poorest gameplay, fighting scenes and childish "swearing". There`s not much can be said about this game. It`s disaster. This game needs more time. Like a lot of guys said, it seems it`s in pre-alpha stage.