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Realm of the Mad God Realm of the Mad God is a co-op fantasy MMO shooter.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 84 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1966
Genre Action, Shooter, Scrolling, Shoot-'Em-Up, Top-Down
Company / Developer
Wild Shadow Studios / Wild Shadow Studios, Spry Fox

Realm of the Mad God reviews ( 7 )

lasagnafeeder, Feb 21, 2012

Awesome game, and its free! Its an incredibly addictive mix of diablo, legend of zelda, and various indie games such as binding of isaac. I can't recommend it highly enough.

pimathbrainiac, Jan 23, 2013

This game rocks! Enough said! Myth: The game is pay to win Fact: The only items bought in the store with coins bought with $$$ are cosmetics, extra dungeons, and some potions (MP and HP restore) which can be picked up in game. Myth: You must die to win. Fact: The whole point is not to die. You MUST beat Oryx (the final boss) alive. You gain fame (the free currency) when you die for some cosmetics and access to some dungeons (not all require real $$$) Enough of the Myth-Fact, here's my take: The game is fun for several reasons: here are my top 10: 10: "Trains" - Groups of players who travel around the map to defeat mobs and gain massive XP. This helps you gain fame and be able to take on bosses later. 9: The graphics - 8-bit, you must love that 8: The trade system - While you can't sell your stuff for currency of any sort, you can trade with other players to get weapons and supplies to help you win. 7: The simple UI - click to shoot, numbered item slots, you can press a button to shoot all the time 6: The gameplay - Shoot and don't get hit. Simple and effective 5: CO-OP style - You can't win without other players to help you. 4: No kill steals - Everyone in your party/train gets XP when a mob is killed, not just the killer 3: Permadeath - So frustrating, it's addicting 2: Selection of characters - You earn classes by leveling up on other classes and you can get any class with skill 1: Adrenaline-Releasing/Heart-Pumping action - THIS is what gets you hooked on the game

TheQuietGamer, Jun 6, 2013

Addictive like you wouldn't believe. Realm of the Mad God provides a unique and refreshing take on the free to play MMO genre. It's got a charming 8-bit graphics style, a perma-death feature, and loads of fun content. That's right when you die in Realm of the Mad God you're dead for good. It's not actually a bad thing, sure you lose all of your gear and your character progress, but you never feel like the game is over for you. With numerous classes death gives you a fresh start to try something new. The gameplay is simple but addictive. You basically just run around and shoot everything in a large open world. As you gain levels you can fight tougher monsters and get better gear. There's no PVP, but rather the game encourages you to team up with people to take on the games more difficult monsters. The beauty of it is that you don't have to team up with other people if you don't want to. You can very well be a lone wolf, but the game is easier if you team up with others. The best part of this game is that you can play the game any way you want to. You can choose if you want to max out one character class, or you can stick with the class just long enough to unlock another one. You can play for hours at a time or just in short bursts. It's simple, addictive, and very accessible. The only real complaint I have is the lack of friendly players. So far most of the people I've come across are only interested in talking to you if you have something to offer them. In the end though I'm completely addicted to Realm of the Mad God. It's tons of fun and truly free to play outside of micro-transactions. So if your looking for a fun experience and are strapped for cash, or just love fun games, check of Realm of the Mad God.

Discord, May 20, 2012

Realm of the Mad God is quite a fun game. It has a very nice combat system and class uses are varied enough. With the different items, it can be quite rewarding to level up as well. Different monsters have different difficulties. The permanent death feature makes it quite frustrating when you die at high levels, but this is repaid in a counter-intuitive way. Only problem I'm having is excessive lag, which can cause me to lose control for short amounts of time. Still, a very fun game, not to mention it's free and doesn't take up much space at all on your hard drive.

Blackstar0_0, Jun 24, 2012

This is a very fun game to pick up and play. The art style is wonderful, the battles are chaotic, and the community is great. And it is free! No reason not to get this game really.

MadclownJack, May 14, 2013

It's fun for a while, but after that it just serves as bait for people to spend real money on so they can progress through an endless game. It's a dick move and it's not worth it.

Alekhzandr, Feb 24, 2013

mostly everything involves paying to get gold to buy good equipment,backpack space, and vaults. other currency is fame which you get from dying but cant buy vaults because that would be against their money grabbing scheme. at least you can get some less important items but with a high cost of fame usually about 100-300 deaths since only a few actually get a fair amount of fame. god high spawn, dungeons and bosses designed to kill you with some of their high cc (slow instantly drops spd by half to 80%, paralyzed that make you immobile so they cant miss, or confused that changes movement that none to a few can navigate when it matters.) and high dmg where some bosses can kill any maxed character with 1 to as high as 3 shots or even stupider minions even one if messing up can instantly kill within secs. other things include no daily chance, annoying players attempting/preventing to steal loot (as in dmg to god/boss for soulbound). Then there is the lag that's obviously their servers but refuse to do anything about it except to start over and pay (they dont come out and say pay but the *intention is there*). It is futher proven since all who know about kabaam, all to most hate them because of their lag, ignored suggestions, etc