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Realpolitiks Become the ruler of any contemporary country in this streamlined real-time grand strategy game. Use diplomacy, espionage, military and economic power to deal with other nations, while tackling issues such as terrorism, financial crises and medical epidemics, all in an effort to achieve global domination.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 54 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1383
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, General
Company / Developer
1C Company / Jujubee S.A.
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Realpolitiks reviews ( 7 )

e4rling, Feb 22, 2017

It's a simple and very enjoyable strategy game. Lots of action, quite addictive. The idea with the tech-tree is good. Nice game if you're into strategy games, although it's not as in-depth as, for example, Victoria 2 or EU4

tomasz_piwonski, Feb 16, 2017

I remember the time when I played Civilisation for the first time. For long time I had no chance to feel the same excitement playing strategy game. Now I was able to play in modern times with real countries and new options (like stock market) and I REALLY LIKE IT.

VG24PL, Feb 24, 2017

Realpolitiks is Real Time Strategy game made by Jujubee studios. This is simulator of being politic- but it is simpler than i.e. Europa Universalis. What is worth to mention, that all countries are playable- Literally all. As Politics we will declare wars, we will conquer other countries by diplomacy, or by ongoing economy war with sending spies to other countries, decreasing reputation of other countries and so on. This is great in this game- We can do and use any tool, that makes sens- and we can make official actions alongside with other, that are actions in shadow. We have other resources than just money- we have even HDI or action points, we can invest in futuristic technology, we can invest in heavy industry- we can open stock. We have many ways to make our country great, rich and superior! Of course to be superior, we need balance between our resources and how we spend'em and we must remember to have strong army, some allies with toher countires and so on. This is small game, that "I will play only around 15 minutes" - and then, you see it was 4 or 5 hours! What can I say? This is the game, that will make u learn play in more advanced titles. We have a lot of options, but we won't lose our self here! It is worth? Definitely! Does game have some problems and is it perfect game? Well, this game is not perfect, what I mean it is great game but with simple graphic, it could be nicer looking. Another thing is soundtrack. We can hear same music, and very quickly we won't hear it. We will have that feeling, that something is missing- and it is lack of soundtrack. This is not how it should be. If you always wanted play titles like Europa Universalis but it was too hard for you, then try this one! It will be perfect fit for you! You are looking for some not stressful game, that will give you a lot of fun? You are in right place!

VanDerGame, Feb 18, 2017

This game is broken as of 18-02-2017. I played as Poland. I had +80 resources and then suddenly without any explanation or info my resources were -180! Then, also without any reason, Germany started war with me and the UN did nothing! I expected aggression from Russia, but not from Germany, fellow UN partner. Totally unrealistic. Moreover, the gameplay mainly consists of activating policies (you can activate only 2 of them at the same time) and waiting forever for them to be implemented. You can manage Stock Exchange and spy on other countries as well as sabotage them and this is mainly it. There is hardly anything more to do in this game. Diplomacy is a joke, sounds of gunfire from the middle east heard in Poland are a joke, random events are a joke, the whole game looks as if it was a joke. I'm angry at myself that I waisted hours playing this unfinished, broken product. DO NOT BUY IT! If they fix it, the game will be worth $5 maybe.

marc5477, Feb 20, 2017

2/20/17 This game is not ready for release even though they released it. Many of the game core aspects are broken and require a complete rehash. It might become fun if they fix everything but I dont see much hope when browsing the steam forum which seems to be their main forum. I decided to play as Iraq since they have been treated so badly by the world for no good reason, and I managed to actually take a bunch of territory around the area until I had around 15 provinces. At this point, I was unbeatable. Not even the alliance of the USA with Canada and Mexico could beat me... obviously, this makes no sense. This is why I say its broken. Here are the details: Economy: Completely borked. With just 15 provinces I am making $44m per month almost exclusively from taxation which I have set to the minimum of 17% in my case. In comparison, I have the world leading stock market with almost all the big players participating and it only makes about $4.5m per month. I am downing in cash and have absolutely nothing to use it on. My surplus is currently $3.6T and zero debt. Spending: I have, by far the largest military in the world. Bigger than both the US, Russia, and China combined. Yet, it only costs $198k a month to maintain... vs the $44m I make every month... GDP: Completely broken. Does not work period. I am about 80 years into the game and I had positive growth (0.5%-0.9%) the entire time. I did not gain a single point to GDP the entire time in any of my provinces. Iraq started at 53 gdp and it is still 53, 80 years later and no, my pop growth is no where near GDP growth (0.15%-0.29%). The only way for the player to increase GDP is to actually capture new land. Technology: Obviously all GDP techs are broken. Some other techs are also broken for instance, to start making your own arms, you 1st have to disable arms imports. But you cant disable arms import... the deactivate button is there but there is no way to click it because it is always faded out. So basically if you chose to import you will always be stuck with less than top notch weapons for the rest of the game which means that by the end of the game, if all countries get all techs, you will never win a battle again. Combat: Extremely stat dependent. A single point of improvement (out of around 14 or 15) in say planes, easily wins every fight even if the enemy is only 5% worse than you. This is amplified by the fact that if you are aggressive, you get a penalty to your attacks every time which makes battles take longer than they should. For instance, I was fighting Palestine. I had something like 150 troops, 50 tanks, & 50 planes and a sizeable tech advantage vs 30/10/10 and it still took forever to win because of lame attack penalties while the defender just turtles. Not fun. Other Stuff: There seems to be no way to absorb weak allies when it would definitely benefit them to do so. The AI seems to be able to do it but the player cannot. The UN vote is limited to only the top 12 GDP countries. No one else has a voice. Blocs are not very powerful due to the cost of maintaining them and because you can only recruit countries weaker than yourself. But if they are weaker, you might as well just go to war and take their land since that will get you a net bonus to money rather than cost money to keep the bloc. Oh by the way, the AI never invites you to their bloc which means you have to create your own and invite weaker countries to it. Then there is a problem with game length. This game is slooooooow. Very very slow. My current game has taken me about 20 hours to get to where I am and I still have an entire world to conquer. They place limits in two ways, one is "action points" which seem to be very limited. I make about 300 a month but some actions require over 10,000 to do.... thats a lot of waiting. Overall, not good. It needs a lot of work to fix all the problems. I would wait at least another 6 months before thinking about buying this.

Leldy22, Nov 2, 2017

This game may be the worst attempt at a strategy game I have ever played. Not only is the game visually unappealing, but the processes running internally are positively horrid. The mechanics of "blocs" and "war" are entirely pointless, as the game arbitrarily decides everything anyway. Any semblance of realism went out the door when Guyana and Norway went at it again, or after the North Koreans somehow killed every South Korean soldier, despite being out-numbered and technologically bested. While this game has some ideas that could and should be made into a strategy game, Realpolitiks is not that game.

zupsonsfc, Feb 18, 2017

Great game. Tons of fun. Brilliant to sit down and chillout. Having about 10hrs in the game and looking forward to getting way more! I love starting as a country located in South America or around Australia and bring chaos to the World :D If you feel on the verge, I highly recommend the game :)