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Rebel Galaxy Rebel Galaxy is a swashbuckling space adventure, with action-packed combat, exploration, discovery, trade, and “negotiation” with outlandish denizens at the edge of the known universe.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2149
Genre Action, Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Double Damage Games, Inc. , Double Damage Games / Double Damage Games, Inc., Double Damage Games
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Rebel Galaxy reviews ( 7 )

Axe513, Oct 23, 2015

This game is absolutely brilliant, the storyline is hilarious, the missions are fun, the environment sucks you into it. I love that everything is completely open world and its up to how you choose to play it, you can be whatever you want to be, e.g pirate, trader, a do-gooder, bounty hunter, etc. Your ship is totally upgradable in so many ways. I wasnt sure about the 2.5D plane because I am a bit of a space sim enthusiast (with my own HOTAS and everything) but it works so well, and I just take Rebel Galaxy for what it is which is a great action packed Space Arcade game. At $20 its a steal! 10/10

ZiddersRoofurry, Nov 9, 2015

Rebel Galaxy is a fun, arcade-y naval-game-in-space that provides some of the trappings of a space-sim while ditching the complexity and time-investment required of more traditional space sims like EVE Online or Elite:Dangerous. Those looking for a deeply engaging story aren't going to find one but the characters have tons of personality. The setting has a very lived in feel-just be ready for the ending to be a bit of a let down. The accent is on combat so expect to blow up a lot of ships if you're looking to be one of the galaxy's richest space truckers. Despite a few flaws this is an impressive first game from Double Damage Games. While a bit shallow the developers put a lot of heart into this and it shows. This would have been a solid deal even at $30 but at $20 it's way more than worth it.

AthanasiosT, Feb 20, 2016

Space battle and exploration at it's very best. Pirates and aliens fighting with the player in the middle. Add a bit of mining and the different upgrades for ships and you've got a very decent space game. Liked the sideways navy-like battles. Gave it a 9 for the ending and in anticipation of RG 2 which will get the 10.

MikeLane, Dec 1, 2015

This is simply a fun, busy, shoot-y, explode-y upgrade of what Privateer wanted to be. Immense fun, with an excellent soundtrack that you can customize with your own mp3s. It's not a space combat sim, it's a gleeful brawl in 2.5-D space with Nazareth's "Hair of the Dog" screaming out of your speakers. It's what you'd get if Firefly and Star Wars had a baby in a spaghetti western.

upThere, Jan 21, 2016

Perhaps not for everyone, but I certainly enjoy the perfect mix of Freelancer / Privateer and Firefly / Serenity. The soundtrack / atmosphere are awesome, and it's just so damn pick-up-and-playable, easy to enjoy space piracy and epic naval-style capital-ship battles. Pyrotechnics ahoy! *Gamepad strongly recommended*

Sjalka, Oct 24, 2015

Rebel Galaxy is a very good game - that plays is very safe. At its core - it is something like Age of Sails brought to space - more than something like Elite or Freelancer - in terms of game mechanics. However - almost every aspect of Freelancer can be found in Rebel Galaxy ... but improved upon - somewhat. Trading exists - and is kind of dynamic. Missions exist and are certainly more diverse than Freelancer or similar games - sometimes spanning over multiple star systems - each of those being pretty big by itself. A long list of upgrades for weapons, equipment and subsystem exists ... but its not the most exciting list - to be honest. And of course ... a small fleet of playable ships for the player to save up for. Those ships offer a good list of diverse features and are not always a straight upgrade to a cheaper ship. - However.... in many cases they are. I doubt that the game can be beaten in a small and nimble ship - because those ships simply lack the firepower to scratch the big ships... which makes sense - but also forces the player into the big capital ships. Ship combat is very good. As i said before - it is much more like Age of Sail (or insert any other pirate or sail combat games) ... with powerful broadsides, turrets and support weapons. Managing all those weaponsystems is VERY well done ... and despite the game offering autoaiming - a difficult combat feels like an achievement (and in some cases like cheating due to a sometimes incompetent AI) Placement, angle and chance - to use a specific weapon at a specific time ... while positioning oneself just defensive enough not to take too much damage - and turn damaged sides away from harm is what combat is about. Since combat happens on a 2d plane - game mechanics are of course easier than real 3d counterparts. The only problem i do have with the game is the unadjustable camera. Especially larger ships seem to occupy just too much of the screen - with no option to zoom out. Trade - as i mentioned - exists .. but at least at that stage that i am at ... is no real option. There is a lack of cargo haulers for the player ... and there interface does not quite support trade either. Graphically - the game is quite nice. The ships are neat - but the meshes are not too detailed. the texture quality is well below average but hides it behind a somewhat overuse of shaders. Especially the corona effects (which can be turned off) makes the game appear in some crazy 80s drug infused dream of something.... (well, not that crazy ... but it is quite a colour trip) Sound design can only be described as conservatively boring. Voice acting is a little stale - but then ... this is a space shooter... so the story kind of takes a back seat i guess. The overall feeling of the game is quite nice though. It is simple - yet challenging. All parts of the game fit well together - and the game itself feels well polished (maybe due to good beta testers or so - i don t know... but it does feel very optimized) With only few negative factors like a lack of proper information, bad camera and sometimes strange AI - this is a game to play for sure. Highly recommended ... just do not expect an action fueled shooter like Freelancer or Freespace.

htintin85, Jan 24, 2016

This game is just a fraud, a little database for trading, mostly random, and a 2D game (but look like a 3D game, but it's not) and the fight are so boring, without any interest, we are far from X3 or even Privateer on Amiga, what a shame !