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ReCore Assume the role of Joule Adams, a young survivor of a terrible cataclysm who journeys from Earth to the desert world, “Far Eden” to build mankind’s new home. But when Joule wakes after centuries in cryo-sleep, nothing has gone according to plan… With her “Corebot” companion, Mack, Joule begins an adventure to unlock secrets from the past, defeat powerful foes, and bring new life and hope to Far Eden. The Far Eden colony was meant to be a paradise, where humans and Corebots could build a future together. Now, however, most of the Corebots have gone rogue, and the planet is plagued by violent sandstorms. In some areas these storms come and go, altering the terrain and revealing new areas to explore and new challenges to overcome. Defeat your enemies—including massive boss creatures—with creative tactics, split-second timing, and by unleashing your Corebots’ unique abilities. Craft components to customize your Corebots to create your perfect battle party, and then share your creations with other gamers online. [Armature]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 60 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2072
Genre Action Adventure, General
Company / Developer
Microsoft Game Studios / comcept
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ReCore reviews ( 7 )

oliathsg, Sep 14, 2016

Ignore the 'professional' review sites. Once again we have clear evidence how out of touch these sad little 'journalists' are incredibly out of touch with what makes a good game. This is wonderfully polished for a non major studio. It looks gorgeous - the story is pleasant and amusing. Platforming, movement and combat is fun and the core game mechanics are great. This game takes you back to some of the glory days of gaming as it successfully mixes multiple genres into an incredibly satisfying package that rewards exploration and collection. I can't stop smiling while i play this.

Woodness, Sep 20, 2016

+ Game runs great + Controls actually are amazing for a platformer + Robots + Needs a sequel + / - 'Optional' Cores, the game makes sure you visit everything + / - Cliffhanger - Bad spawns when doing 'dungeons'. Sometimes you get pushed back into the same thing you died off.

WhatIsIt, Sep 19, 2016

Jak 3 and Metroid Prime got together for a spot of tea, and this beautiful gem came out. Although the release of this game was rushed a bit, resulting in some unfortunate technical issues (what else is new), the old-school style gameplay more than makes up for these bugs. This is the sort of game that reminds me of why I got into gaming, and gives me hope that there are still developers out there that remember the glory of the PS2/GC era. If $40 is too much money for you (it is worth that price), make sure to watch this game and pick it up later for less. Don't let yourself miss this one.

Euangelion3o9, Oct 9, 2016

Fun world and snappy controls. The combat is fun, though simple, and the modding of robots is pretty cool, though linear. It has a story that is presented with some mystery at first and many puzzles. I am not a huge fan of some of the style, and the UI could have been a bit better but overall its a good game.

lexsteryo, Sep 13, 2016

While I have only put around 3 hours into the game. I have enjoyed very minute of it. From the great voice acting to the neat sound effects, thus far the game has proven that sometimes a smaller game can be almost better than a blockbuster. I have not seen any of the load time issues many have complained about. In terms of game length, as I said I'm only a couple hours into it. But the replay of it seems strong to me.

DreamCore, Sep 18, 2016

Stay away from this garbage at all costs! Cons: * Serious performance issues with stuttering and freezes even on systems better than recommended. * Graphics ranging from awesome to utter garbage (very inconsistent) * If you die during a puzzle you often re-spawn in bad spots just to instantly die again. * You are constantly forced to backtrack to find "optional" cores in order to progress the main story. * Glitches, glitches glitches. Ranging from screen flicker during loading screens to models popping in/out to animation issues and missing sounds and beyond. I'm surprised how it made it through certification in its current state as you literary can't play 10 minutes without encountering some (often graphical) glitch. Pros: * The "grappling-hook" mechanic is cool. Verdict: Cool idea but extremely poorly executed. 4/10.

alanamorim, Feb 15, 2017

Puta que jogo desgraçado! cheguei até o final quase vomitando... no começo achei legal.. mas fica muito muito chato! o combate é chato! não aparece as conquista na tela do pc, se minimizar muito o jogo da pau... depois q o bixo voador entrei dentro da terra varias vezes! jogo XATO MUITO XATO DESGRAÇADO E CARO! NAO COMPRA ESSA PORRA !