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Remothered: Tormented Fathers Remothered: Tormented Fathers is the pure and realistic survival horror videogame.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1360
Genre Action Adventure, Survival
Company / Developer
Stormind Games / Stormind Games
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Remothered: Tormented Fathers reviews ( 4 )

maure88devil, Mar 27, 2018

The true horror would be not picking up this fantastic title. it is a love letter to cinema, licterature and 90s' videogames. it is Rule of Rose meeting Silence of the Lambs, it is Silent Hill meeting Rosemary Baby. The shocking storyline rules a well made masterpiece that finds its perfection with the satisfying epilogue painstakingly crafted together to produce an unforgettable experience rather than a game. 10 out 10

straysparrow108, Feb 10, 2018

An intriguing plot and well-structured gameplay, recommended to horror-lovers and old school gamers! Tons of wonderful surprises till the end where you, unexpectedly, scream with the numerous jumpscares, fall shocked for the crazy plot-twists and, at the epilogue, you also cry for the tragically sad story. Remothered is a stunningly magic inspired jewel. A++++ +incredibly well written story +charismatic characters +instant cult enemies +cool aestethics +wonderful soundtrack +various gameplay with genres' combos +cinematographic experience with cool directing +great voice acting performances (Harrington/Felton first of all) ____ -some english subs -some weak animations -hard ending sequences

yokerclown, Feb 4, 2018

WANTS TO FEEL SO MUCH LIKE AN "AAA" GAME AND SOMETIMES IT ACTUALLY DOES, BUT IN THE END, IT FAILS IN MANY THINGS... POSITIVES: - Cinematic Story with Multiple Twists (But some are already obvious, from the whole beginning.) - Graphic Visuals (If you do not meet the recommended specs., you still can run this game on "Ultra" graphic settings, almost without any problem.) - Gameplay Features (Real survival experience, not "Run & Gun".) - Soundtrack - Open Environment (Not open-world, but wide linear, while being isolated in mansion. Brings classic "Resident Evil" feels.) NEGATIVES: - Unfinished Controls Management (The UI of controls do always swap, between keyboard buttons and controller ones, because the game cannot recognize, if you do play on keyboard or controller...) - Sound System (One of the worst sound systems, i ever witnessed, for example: you are in ground level, bellow playing gramophone, that is on second floor and you can still hear it, like it is next to you, even enemies alone can hear you through everything, if you make one step, bellow thick floor...) - Voice Acting (Sometimes the voice acting is solid and sometimes it is so bad, that you can even recognize, that each actor recorded lines on different microphone.) - AI (Enemies can hear you through every object, even if you are bellow them on different floor, actually when you do make real noises, that they should definitely hear, they will not even react, even if you are right behind them. Their vision is also very limited, because when you are normally meant to be spotted, they will just go right past you.) - Too Many Cutscenes (Every time, that you will reach some important point in the story, there is always long pre-rendered cutscene, that will do all the work for you and in the end you are left with not much to play.) - 1 to 2 Hours Playtime Duration (Finished the game almost in one session, without any struggle, only if it was not for the bugs and glitches few times.) FOR IT'S CURRENT PRICE ("STEAM"), IT IS MORE OF CINEMATIC MOVIE EXPERIENCE, THAN STANDALONE GAME ITSELF. SIMPLY: WAIT FOR THE PRICE TO DROP.

jlcfreitas, Feb 3, 2018

i'd give it more time to polish the game before putting it out... starts with 30mins of cinematic simulator and 5 secs of walking between each one, the character runs weird, the character looks like it's going to die after running for 2 secs, when finnaly into the house it's like tom and jerry running after each other, the chase music is hyper loud even with the sound on the lowest level.