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Renowned Explorers: International Society
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 74 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1792
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Tactics
Company / Developer
Abbey Games / Abbey Games
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Renowned Explorers: International Society reviews ( 7 )

yvangeffen, Sep 2, 2015

I simply love this piece of art. The deep strategic and tactical gameplay demand a lot of your inner expedition leader. Also, the art and audio tingle your senses.

Rikugun, Sep 11, 2015

I tried to brute-force my way through this game and lost. Then I went back and made a crew that was best at insulting enemies. I just insulted a pack of wolves. 10/10 would play again :)

Sophie20, Sep 12, 2015

Even though I am a 'casual gamer', I really really liked this game that a friend recommended. The fact that I can befriend those cute sheep instead of hitting them was unexpectedly fun! It has tons of exciting and fun moments, like the old abbess in the highlands, she's crazy and witty! The learning curve is a bit steep, but it made me feel challenged! And after a few tries and getting in the correct mood I was able to get further and I was like 'ow..duh'. After that things were still challenging but do-able.

Jill89, Sep 12, 2015

I came for the artwork and stayed for the strategy. Very XCOM-like. When you realise that the party selection screen is probably the most important part in the game you will love it even more :)

Welding, Sep 2, 2015

Tons of fun to play! I eat up X-COM, Fire Emblem and other Tactical Strategy Game. Renowned Explorers happened to be totally up my alley. Tons of crunchy mechanics to sink my teeth into and really fun stories to tell and discover! Really awesome animations, adorable art, and a lot of content to bite into.

ChickenMage, Jan 2, 2016

I haven't had this much fun with a game in a long time. RE is brimming with charm, character and challenging strategy. Most of all, it has gripping strategy with emotion mechanics I've never seen in a game before and extensive replayability! You'll be saying 'just one more expedition', where you'll be able to destroy your enemies with unrelenting kindness next time! I can't recommend RE enough. Jump in and you'll have a blast!

honestabe, Jun 1, 2016

The game is too linear based and missions the same. It's not even like Heart of Africa where you did some actual exploring. Play a game or too and the redundancy will set in and you'll find you're just repeating yourself over and over. Not to mention the fact the devs are deleting posts on the official forums on Steam trying to hide how bad the game is or overpriced it is. I'd recommend a long wait on this one as it's not as good as it might look. The other one that is out recently is a tad better but if you want a real experience exploring then find an emulator and get "Heart of Africa" by EA.