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Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition In Resident Evil 4, Special Agent Leon S. Kennedy is dispatched on a mission to rescue the U.S. President’s daughter who has been kidnapped. Wending his way to a rural village in Europe, he faces new threats that are a departure from the traditional lumbering zombie enemies of the earlier installments in the series. Leon battles horrific new creatures infested by a new threat called Las Plagas and faces off against an aggressive group of enemies including mind-controlled villagers that are tied to Los Illuminados, the mysterious cult which is behind the abduction.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3329
Genre Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Company / Developer
Capcom / Capcom, QLOC
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Resident Evil 4: Ultimate HD Edition reviews ( 7 )

luv2telldastory, Mar 3, 2014

Yahoo! I've been waiting for RE4 to come to the Xbox 360. I have it on the WI but that controller/numchuck combo is a pain to use. The level in RE4 where you fight the zombie with the white spots you have to shoot in the lab is still the scariest moment in gaming history, IMO.

helloworld1066, Mar 4, 2014

This will always be the best game ever, there isn't really much else to say. The graphics are starting to show their age, but what do you expect for 8 years.

Duskspark, Mar 2, 2014

Arguably the best Resident Evil game made so far brought to Steam with Achievements, high defiition textures and the same ass-kicking factor as the game had on its release for only 20 god damn dollars? I say hell **** yes.

minix2poo, May 30, 2016

Ok, lets be honest, the graphics are already outdated, even in this HD edition. But considering that the game was originally released in the early 2000', I think this is not a big thing. I did like RE1,2,3 back then when it came out for the PlayStation, but I think I really started to love this series when it changed to a 3rd person shooter with this RE4. Definitely worth trying out, if you haven't yet.

rafanerd, May 1, 2014

This is the best RE ever and it's inumerous qualities have been discussed since it's launch on Game Cube. It deserved a 10/10 back then, hands down. But almost 10 years later, only a complete remake would guarantee such high score. This is not what you'll get here, though. Far from it. But... This is the best PC version, so I can't give it less than 7.

LegionIscariot, Oct 7, 2015

Another crappy port. They didnt learn much from the first pc port. The game itself is good. It does have flaws. But what kills this is its not made for the pc in mind. Not to mention the crashes even on the 1.06 version. And im sure they will never fix it.

Silvervox325, Mar 14, 2014

Wonderful game. However, it crashes so often that it's almost unplayable - I've attempted all possible graphics settings to no avail. None of the support links work - I get redirected to a Ubisoft (who produced this game) page that no doesn't exist. If they fix the many, many bugs I'll give this a good review. As of now, I'm angry that I spent $20 on an unplayable game.