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Resident Evil: Revelations Resident Evil: Revelations tells the story of what happens between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 79 / 100
User rating
Downloads 4271
Genre Action Adventure, Horror, Survival
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Capcom / Capcom

Resident Evil: Revelations reviews ( 7 )

EnnMorbid, May 21, 2013

Challenging, fun, exciting, creepy, As Resident Evil fan (since Re/bio1)I like the way they brought back the old school "survival horror" and mixed it in with the new school look. But the Controlls are a bit annoying (at the first moment) and I wasn't happy about jill's look, not the best(preffe the design from re5) but it is okay. so um, 9/10.

leondaniel21, May 21, 2013

Excelente juego no me decepciono en lo absoluto, su historia es lo que mas me a tramado, la jugabilidad es muy parecida al Resident Evil 4 que fue mi juego favorito de la saga junto con Resident evil 5 y 6 grandes juegos. pero el Revelations tiene algo especial y es su característica de survivar horror y a la vieja escuela como sus 3 primeros juegos de antaño pero este los supera con creces. La única pega es su apartado visual y animaciones un poco desfasado para los tiempos de hoy, es comprensible de que es un port de una portátil que fue desarrollado pensado para ese hardware pero Capcom podía haber hecho un mejor esfuerzo en esos apartados es por eso que le doy un 9. El otro aspecto es el contenido como siempre de costumbre los Resident Evil tienen gran cantidad de contenidos algo que agradezco mucho. Conclusión no lo he terminado todo llevo 5 horas jugadas y hasta ahora me tiene enviciado, sus escenarios oscuros en el buque del Queen Zenobia es sorprendente, la ambientación donde se origina es de lo mas original el movimiento del barco entre otros aspectos que le dan un realismo y una tensión bastante satisfactoria creo que Resident Evil debe seguir esa linea de suspenso y oscuridad le queda muy bien, no fui tan generoso con las primeras entregas no fueron juegos de mucho agrado, pero creo que Capcom debería plantearse en hacer las próximas entregas con acción mas pasiva y mas con toques de survivar horror. Creo que pagar 50 dolares por un port es algo exagerado teniendo en cuenta que ya había salido 1 año atrás en la Nintendo 3DS pero bueno en mi opinión valió la pena..

SpecX, May 28, 2013

The RE series were going downhill after RE5, but this one is simply tremendous. Story is good and it is fun to play in Raid mode. The graphics are all right and the gameplay is good.

SolidCenturio, Jan 27, 2017

After the action-packed Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil Revelations looks back to the series' roots for an experience that many old-school fans will recognize. Revelations adapts the pre-rendered titles' defining traits to the modern RE, bringing back the series' name to a more grounded state, and actually knows what it wants to be this time: a survival-horror game that focuses on the atmosphere. Revelations reinforces this in the earlier hours of the campaign, where the player is greeted by distant eerie sounds, dark corridors, and the occasional jump scare that's done so effectively due to tension build-up. Some of the scariest parts of the game are the paths leading to the bosses because you can hear their cries echoing the hallways, either laughing from the thrill of the hunt or desperately crying for help. The tension does slow down during the latter half of the game, but the way leading there has been consistent in tone and quality. Revelations uses an episodic structure to move the plot forward. This was done by the developers because "the game needed to be suitable for playing on portable hardware,"[] regarding the the original 3DS release. The 12 episodes featured in the game contain different scenarios from the perspective of three playable characters and their partners, all contributing small pieces of information and some backstory for the grand finale. While the game starts and ends exactly how a Resident Evil fan expects it too, this has got to be the most complicated series entry to date because there are a lot of character motivations to factor in, and the most important plot points are shown so poorly, with little explanation on why things happened the way they happened; Revelations isn't as straightforward as the games before it so some time is needed to fully grasp the story. Overall, a good game and a great entry to the RE franchise. It retains the B-movie feel that the rest of the series is known for, and the gameplay combines the best of both worlds to deliver a solid experience. Definitely a must-have for the RE fan. And there you have it.

Krypto_Dogg, May 25, 2013

This game is nothing like the original Resident Evil games. For the first few chapters (the chapters last about 20 minutes at a time) the game has a little bit of backtracking on an empty ship, then it turns into pretty hardcore action straight onto the end. It feels like a pint-sized version of Resident Evil 5. There is some backtracking included, but only after clearing out rooms filled with ooze. At that point, the ship is so uninteresting the backtracking just wastes time since there are zero interesting puzzles, just finding keys. There are times this feels like a kiddie game despite the overly sexual Jessica and a tiny bit of cursing because of silly anime style side characters and the weak gore factor. There is blood spurting and splashing, but you can't even get decapitated and the enemies melt into puddles of ooze. To be expected being original made for a kid's handheld console. After finishing the game, I have to say this is the weakest ending to a Resident Evil game ever. Good thing it wasn't a part of the main series. Emotions usually run high at game launches and people only want to listen to what they want to hear, but I'll say this game isn't worth full sticker price. It plays like a slightly enhanced mobile game and not the HD remake you would be expecting. There are some genuinely thrilling moments (this is an action game, not scary like survival horror), but overall I'm a bit disappointed.

LifeHistory, May 22, 2017

One of the worst Resident Evil games... It was meant for the 3ds with its small screen you would not notice the bad gameplay that much. But when playing it on PC it bad and specially the controls. The shooting is gimmic and has no feeling.

starsh3ro, Sep 2, 2013

terribly ported game. to be honest, on a 3ds it might be fun to play, on a pc its just a waste of money. the graphics are dated, the are many ugly looking textures and videobugs like floating blood, enemies often get stuck walking into objects, the levels are so short and boring, then youre spammed with video cut sequences, and to make it even worse, you have to watch a resume of what you just did in a short video as well, every few levels. i didnt expect much, but this game still disappointed me. if youre looking for a fun resident evil game, buy any game but this. honestly. in my opinion, even racoon city was more fun to play. graphics 0 sounds 0 (pistol sounds like a toygun, etc.) animations 0, story 3, controls 1, actual fun while playing 0 all together its not worth buying, not even on sale. get it on ds or else it will feel like a robbery.