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Restricted Area Restricted Area catapults players into the year 2083 where, as a result of environmental pollution, most of the earth is covered by mutant inhabited wastelands and contaminated deserts. The global government is weak and mega-corporations have become a law unto themselves. Players begin the game by choosing one of four totally unique characters. Their choice determines how the story will play out. Though an RPG at its core, Restricted Area places an emphasis on action thus translating into faster gameplay for the player. In addition to a challenging, story-driven single-player campaign that has been likened to a futuristic Diablo II, Restricted Area also boasts a robust cooperative multiplayer feature that enables players to team up and engage enemies together. [Whiptail Interactive]

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 53 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1243
Genre Role-Playing, Action RPG
Players 2 Online
Company / Developer
Whiptail Interactive / Master Creating

Restricted Area reviews ( 5 )

RayL., Oct 17, 2005

This is the *BEST* action-RPG ever - I have no idea what some of the reviews talk about. The graphics are FANTASTIC and the gameplay is actually better than Diablo 2!!

JamieS., Jun 3, 2005

It's a diablo clone - produced a decade after the games industry has moved onto bigger and better things. Even the original Diablo would seem dated these days - and this isn't as good! Diablo's graphics were smooth and fluid. This is jittery and unconvincing. Set in the future, in the first mission you come across ... half naked giants armed with hammers? What the ??? Maybe they couldn't decide what era they wanted it to be. Everything seems to give off a second-rate feel, from the dated graphics, animations and sound effects to the menus. (In the graphics options, there is a column labeled "32" It has two sub-options: 16 and "framerate". What are they supposed to mean? As a moderately technically literate person, i figured out that they meant "16 bit colour depth" and "display framerate". But there appears to be no way to select 32 bit colour depth - so why do you even NEED a 16 bit option? An example of the confused design and general thoughtlessness) I have already removed this turkey from my hard drive. Bo-ring.

RandoW., Jun 30, 2005

This game was really disapointing. From the 70% rating that I saw everywhere I took the 30 bucks price as apropriate. But it's not. The randomly generated levels and missions are as repetitive as they could be - the gameplay is ultimately boring. Even though there are 4 characters to chose from, with a set of different weapons, you'll end up playing the same style for 10 hours. No tactics, no challenges. If you want to play a successor to Diablo II, get Sacred. If you want Fallout in realtime, get Fallout Tactics. This one is a waste of time and money.

El_Guap0, Sep 14, 2011

This game has a lot of promise, but falls short on a couple of issues. It's awfully repetitive and the worst voice acting I've ever heard. But you just might enjoy the Diablo-in-a-future-setting gameplay... for a while.

William, Mar 13, 2006

AWFUL. CRAP. GARBAGE. Anyone who rates this over 5 works for marketing for this company. Do not waste your time, let alone your money or you'll end up with carpel tunnel from click click click click click non stop. There's a poor excuse for a plot, and no matter what you say to NPC's, they all react the same. The game is disgustingly linear. Two plus's, the graphics and the sound. Huge negatives - the gameplay stinks, the control is garbage, the AI is nonexistent and your character gets stuck.