Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Crack + License Key

Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory is a free, stand-alone downloadable multiplayer in which players wage war as Axis or Allies in team-based combat in traditional single scenarios, or through a series of linked scenarios in a totally new campaign mode. [Activision]
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 92 / 100
User rating
Downloads 3234
Genre Action, Shooter, First-Person, Historic, Arcade
Players 1-32
Company / Developer
Activision / Splash Damage
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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory reviews ( 4 )

JustinM., Aug 29, 2003

I love this game! Its free to download and play. Its better than other Shooters because you actually have a mission to accomplish and you cant complete a mission by yourself. Its just an Ace game that will keep you playing all night. As a newbie you will find it hard as everyone else knows what they're doing... but if you stick with it and start off being a medic you'll get the hang of it.

promaster, Apr 21, 2011

Simply the best multiplayer game ever. There isn't ANY word that can say anything similar to how this game is great. Every, single detail of gameplay is excellent. Amazing, classical, BEST!

saris1, Mar 2, 2014

I cannot believe this game was released 11 years ago! 11 years ago and it's still a pretty good game! I can't really find anything wrong with this game, you have plenty to do, the server bugs have all but been worked out and it still looks good, but I must admit that it is starting to show it's age on the graphics side of things. What made this game really good is that it made team work a necessity. You had to work together to win, if not you would almost always lose.

BabyJ., Sep 9, 2005

Maybe this game was good years ago when it came out, but I can find no way to enjoy this game now as there are too many gameplay mechanics that favour experienced players. I haven't played extensively but I have played enough so that after each map my kills are greater than my deaths. Yet I still find this game frustrating.because on every server there are a few very experienced players who make everyone else redundant (they are the ones with a few hundred xp while everyone else has less than 50). In the worst case these players are on the same team and it is only a matter of time before they are killing you repeatedly on the spawn point. There are unintuitive features like you can sniper an enemy from 200 yards with the default machine gun (the manual wrongly claims that they do less damage at long range) and medics have more health than soldiers (plus they regenerate and can heal themselves). Head shots from the default machine gun can kill any class in less than 0.5 seconds and the more you kill the more experience you get (more health, more ammo, less gun recoil, cheaper class powers, can see landmines, etc) - making the elite players even more powerful. Play this over the LAN with other newbies before heading onto the internet as a group, or you'll spend 90% of every game waiting to respawn while wondering if you're even hitting the enemy.