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Revenge of the Titans Construct and command your ground defences in a series of increasingly massive battles across the solar system, in our frenetic arcade mash-up of Real Time Strategy and Tower Defence!

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 81 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1100
Genre Strategy, Real-Time, Fantasy, General
Players 1 Player
Company / Developer
Puppy Games / Puppy Games

Revenge of the Titans reviews ( 7 )

Shogotsu, Sep 2, 2014

This game is truly not for everybody but it is for me. I find this game to be funny and addictive, what more can I want? The game can be challenging but not frustratingly so, at least that's the way I feel about it. Graphics are not important on this type of game so they will do as they are, there is no need for the next gen 3D on this one, 2D works just fine here. There are some good new ideas that get time to get used to but in the end they work really good on this game. I really can't seem to find anything to complain about so that makes me give it 10/10.

Dahli, Jan 10, 2012

Revenge of the Titans is a great old-school rts-tower defense mix game in every way. First impression you will get is the graphics. In my opinion the retro style of the game works very well and looks great. There is a little lack of variation when it comes to all the different aliens or towers, but in fact that you get them one by one by research, you will surely learn to differ between them. Beside this the graphics bring you a very nice atmosphere and they work great.The Sound are also very retro and they sound like in the old days, when music in games were composed with beeps from you Computer. For sure the quality of the beeps is better, but it´s still made in the old way. The pieces are very nice composed, especially the fugue in the endgame is very nice.... well if i remember it right it´s a bach-cover ^^The gameplay is often a point were people complain. I felt the same in the first hours. After every level you can research new technology and new aliens will drop in. Later in the game, you may feel, that your research decisions were wrong, because you get a hard time killing some new special aliens, so you feel like starting all over again. This annoys some people. Well: At first, there every level still available, so you can go back 3 levels instead of all levels, to make your research. Second you maybe will have a hard time to kill those guys, but it´s still very possible. It will cost you a lot´s of money and you will lose a lot of buildings, but that´s war. Don´t predict that you can play this game in a save and flawless way like other tower defense games. Third there is always a "make it easier" button, after you failed a level.In the End it´s also a very retro gameplay as in the old days, were games were freakingly hard to beat. Remember great games like xcom, were you have to restart and try different stuff so many times, until you get a working research and economy.I love it!

zecg, Apr 22, 2013

Would have rated this as 6 a year ago for incosistent difficulty and need to backtrack, but the developers really polished it since then. Now, in 2013., it's a wonderful game. Great visual style, brilliant soundtrack, plays really quickly, no fussing to get to the point. Also, sandbox mode editor is great DLC.

AxeJeebs, Jan 16, 2012

A slick, good humored game with a lot of character; this is why we love indie developers. My only real complaint is how fast the difficulty ramps up, and the fact that you have to take a very specific route through the technology tree, which you'll only figure out after re-starting the campaign four or five times.

GolovA, Nov 4, 2015

Not bad, not bad. Although my tower defense choice still remains with Power Grid, this is a fun and stable analog. I like the game overall, so i'll jump to things that would improve it for me: - please make a pause button, at least in the beginning of a level so an initial defense template can be laid out. - better upgrade tree! Agh! Icons are cool, but lines or arrows with required technology highlighted would make things so much clearer. - explanation of bonuses would be welcome (for example - do i get bonuses if my factories gather from two or three crystals, or do i actually loose efficiency that way? are some several guns of the same category better when chained together? etc.) - so, classical tower defense games try to (at least in the beginning) to lock the marching hordes of enemies into lines which are restricted by the landscape. Titans seem to be attaching from predefined points, but it's anybody's guess as to their invading trajectory. That pushes the ring of defense toward the HQ right from the start of a level. Kind of stale and repetitive in this sense. Asides from minuses - solid tower defense game that if improved can become AWESOOOME!

AWG, Aug 9, 2013

A Tower Defense game defined by the famous Puppygames style. A good one. Not perfect, but enjoyable.

Tannhauser, Jan 29, 2012

Regrettably, the game is flawed in quite a few ways. Mainly, lack of variation. All enemies look pretty much the same, and behave identically. Some are armored, others are not, thats about the only difference. Any of your towers will do the job, just build enough of them. Thus, there is no paper/stone/scissors principle at work here. And indeed there couldn't be, considering the fact that you don't have all your different weapons available in the campaign. Instead, you decide to focus on one particular area of research, and whatever weapons you get out of it will have to do the job. Then its just spamming turrets of whatever variety you decided to research, and the rest of the level is spent frantically replacing barricades all around. The game is hectic, there's little tactics to it, and every level looks the same and plays the same. I like the retro-look, but thats about it. If you want a really good and enjoyable TD game, go play Orcs Must Die instead.