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Richard & Alice Richard & Alice are prisoners. Both of their cells have a leather sofa and a state-of-the-art computer. But only Richard’s has a TV. Outside, the snow falls. It has done for some time. Elsewhere, they say, parts of the world have been rendered an inhospitable desert, the earth parched and cracked. People live in the zones now.

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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 72 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1060
Genre General, Adventure
Company / Developer
Mastertronic , Denby / Raze / Denby / Raze

Richard & Alice reviews ( 2 )

CallOfGaming, Mar 8, 2015

Richard and Alice is quite an unique game that I'm very happy to have played. In the game, the planet has been introduced to a second ice age. Snowing is constant. People form gangs. People loot, kill and rob. We follow the story of Richard and Alice, two people who are trapped in jail and who want to escape. The gameplay consists of either controlling Richard during the escape, and Alice during her flashbacks of her backstory and her son, Barney. Some people believe that the graphics are primitive, but in my opinion, I kinda enjoy the pixelated, simplistic look. I thought that the puzzles were decent enough. And plus, there are five available different endings to discover! What's more intriguing is that a single tiny difference in the way you play can totally change the outcome. It also comes with some emotional baggage! To summarize, Richard and Alice is a great game everybody should try. It's unique and despite short-length, it surely delivers a great story. Too bad people are so negative about this game.

ChoicestGames, Nov 19, 2013

Richard & Alice has a great mature plot but the short game length, basic puzzles and primitive graphics holds the game back. Definitely worth a look if you can get it cheap though and another good example of the AGS engine's capabilities.