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RIDE Select from over 100 bikes from the manufacturers that have made motorcycling history, and set off on the World Tour. Challenge rivals at Motorcycle Festivals divided into three different track typologies: from the thrills of the GP Tracks, through the beautiful landscapes of the Country Tracks, and all the way to the challenge of the City Tracks. Race after race, customize and improve your bike in order to work your way up the World Rankings and become the fastest biker in RIDE . As well as the World Tour, players can compete in a variety of different game modes: Quick Race, Time Trial, Split Screen, and online with up to twelve players in the Quick Race and in the Championship
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 70 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1499
Genre Driving, Racing, Simulation, General, Automobile
Company / Developer
Bandai Namco Games , Milestone S.r.l / Milestone S.r.l
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RIDE reviews ( 7 )

Mozzo72, Jul 15, 2015

Ride is an amazing game. If your a fan of bikes then this is a must have in your collection. A few minor flaws but its said that this game is no longer in the list of fixes, which this pc game "Ride" needs. Still a great game for bike lovers.

Balamir, May 5, 2016

This game is fantasstic! The motorbikes looking great, minimum system requirements fairly low, and it supports TURKISH! The narrater speaks in a lovely clear tone and explains the game in a beatiful way. Gameplay is also sufficently enjoyable. You can customize your character, your teammate and your bike in a lot of ways. There are only two minor negative aspects; sounds of the motorcycles are not very detailed (I am not saying it is bad, but i think it would be better) and the loading screen takes worthwhile long time. Anyway, this game is a great arcade game featuring large variety of beatiful -good looking- motorcylces

MadJaples, Apr 1, 2015

This is actually a fairly decent game. You will need a 'fairly decent' graphics card. Be prepared for your card to heat up because man it will. Word of warning - if you set the track detail too high, your frame rate WILL suffer. So keep that **** down low. The graphics on the bikes are ace -the customization options, though limited, are there - which is a nice little touch - but it could do with a little more in that department. I don't want, for instance, a bike with 111 being the only number I can have on it - I would have liked to have seen options to customize the farings instead of just having the minimal manufacturer's obligatory model vinyl on it. The bikes in general look pretty damn good. Nice attention to detail - well researched, the history of Honda, for instance, is an interesting read and you can read all about it - if you wanted to - on this game - along with probably the history of Ducati, my personal favourite the British Triumph (I always liked the Daytona), and so on and so forth. The career is okay, it's nothing to write home about. It seems a little limited in courses and course options, but despite that, it is still a fairly reasonable collection of courses to be getting on with. The only problem I'd have with this is with the drag racing. It just doesn't seem to fit this game all that well, and to be honest, it looks like they tore a page out of the Need For Speed series with that old gem. Camera views in racing are actually fairly decent - although not being able to see the wing mirrors on straights without having to get to an upright position on the bike you're on is a bit of a pain in the butt. It would have been nice to have the same views available in replay as well as during the race though. The music for this game is arguably the best thing about the game - whoever is responsible for it is a friggin' chillout genius, some of the music on the menu screens is so relaxing and 'out there' that it knocked my four month old daughter out for several hours. Anyone who can put music together that sends my kid off to sleep for hours on end gets my vote. So good stuff on that one. Failing that, it's not actually all that bad.

ThinkSamich, Apr 12, 2015

Reason for the score: Game is unfinished. To put it simply, the physics fall apart when you begin to play with them. If you try anything aside from driving around the track (doing what the game wants you to do) the physics just don't add up. There is not a tire heat system, so don't expect much in terms of simulation. The game is visually appealing, the bikes are beautiful, but the "Ride" is stuck somewhere between Arcade and Simulation, no matter how much you tweak the driving aids. I would assume the title was pushed out with a barebones setup, it certainly looks promising, but in the long run fails to deliver a positive experience.

Mooncatt, May 2, 2015

This could have been a great game. Unfortunately you can tell this game was made on a low budget. I have been looking forward to game like this to be released for years ever since Riding Spirit was released back in the day of the PS2 (which was also very ropey) Ride doesnt have the same amount of bikes that Riding Spirit had, the latter mentioned game had bikes of the 400cc class and many more rather special bikes that you just dont see in Ride. The graphics are nothing special although the bike models are`nt too bad. I must point out the sound too.....ive no idea what the dev team had been listening to when they made the sound for this game but i can certainly say it wasnt the engine of a bike....they sound terrible, imagine an angry wasp trapped in a jam jar and you wont be too far away. The handling characteristics of the bikes dont feel any different to any of the other bikes. for example, i started out on the street triple and later bought a 2005 CBR 1000, these are two very different bikes but they felt exactly the same to control, albeit the CBR is obviously much faster. The other thing that annoyed me was how easy it is to upgrade and buy new bikes, within 3 races id fully upgraded the street triple and after 6 (i think) races i managed to buy the CBR1000 and also pretty much managed to upgrade it to the max. Once you have a 1000cc bike in the game, you really dont need to buy anything else other than for different class race/championship. I feel like ive completed the game already over 2 nights. Another annoying aspect of the game is the loading screens. From selecting a race to partake in i think you have about 3-4 loading screens to go through before your actually on track. all in all a pretty poor game and could of been a real gem, as it is it feels totally unfinished, with bugs galore. i cant set my controller up properly as it doesnt allow me to map some buttons for braking for example. sometimes after i finish setting up the controller it doesnt save them at all. for those that just want a bike arcade game then it might be great...for others like me its a real disappointment

tommakrwro, Jun 23, 2015

Gameplay is quite nice, but it crashes everytime you try to get to the light naked bike championships, and every now and then you get save corrupt bug and loose all progress. Milestone romised patch few months ago and still didn't deliver, so i vote with my wallet and motogp 15 has been cancelled from my buy list

Ivanushka-GRID, Apr 12, 2015

DO NOT SUPPORT THESE IMPUDENT HACK-WORKERS WITH MONEY! You can buy their game - and as a result you will be not able to play! After demo was released, I send them message mentioning the fact THEIR GAME DONT SAVE WHEEL SETTINGS for Logitech Driving Force GT. But they, first of all, NEVER ANSWER SUPPORT REQUESTS, like it was in WRC series, too. Althought they send me 8 letters about game release. And, second, in this final version nothing changed: you absolutly cannot play with wheel. At each launch game set new random keys, never wheel and pedals work. It simply unbelieveable. In WRC there were also great problems with wheel, but there at least it was possible to go. This game is totally dead.