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RiME The story of a boy who must use his wits and ingenuity to survive - and ultimately escape from - a mysterious island and a terrible curse. An end, and a new beginning. A strange island with a sinister secret, and an open-world adventure with a difference. As a boy who finds he is key to solving a series of ancient puzzles, you'll use an enigmatic artefact to manipulate your environment and even time itself. Thanks to the innovative control offered by the DUALSHOCK 4 controller, you'll find that light, sound and touch are all essential in your bid to escape the island.
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 80 / 100
User rating
Downloads 2043
Genre Action, Adventure, General, 3D, Third-Person
Company / Developer
Tequila Works , Grey Box / Tequila Works, QLOC
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RiME reviews ( 7 )

Neper, May 26, 2017

Absolutely enjoying its overall vibe. The sounds, the gorgeous music, the outstanding art and the puzzle pacing. This game sets you in a mood that only few other games can, and that's a very rare thing these days.

Bortx, Jun 7, 2017

I really enjoyed this game. The art direction is wonderful, like a painting, and displayed on the Unreal 4 engine really makes it shine. It is a game about exploration, adventure, platforming (Tomb Raider style), and puzzles. The puzzles are not too hard and the story is well told. This game gives you a peaceful and relaxing feeling especially with its classical soundtrack. Not having to read anything is also a plus for me. The game is short but not too short by today's standards. I finished it in three days with a few hours each day. Lots of secrets of which I only found about 50%. The controls don't suffer from the usual consolitis. Good PC port. The only negative thing I have to say about this is that there is a bug in Win 10 where the taskbar will not go away. It remains there even in full screen and it can be a pain because as you move the camera, the invisible cursor is still there and sometimes clicking ends up clicking one of the task bar items getting you out of the experience. Hopefully this will be fixed since it is listed as a know issue on the official site.

RainXH11, Jun 3, 2017

I loved this game, it is awesome the sense of immersion and the beautiful scenes mysterious atmosphere and the gorgeous water and sky at the night the mood this game put you in is what i want from a game, the music is amazing the discovery that i was playing with a kid that already died at the end almost made me cry this game was worth the time i spent it onto it

nabbone, Jul 14, 2017

The game is aesthetically beautiful, an island immersed in a dreamy, serene atmosphere. Never trivial or overly sweet. Interesting but not too difficult puzzles, and above all, the beautiful story of the struggle to defeat the immense pain: emotional and delicate. A small gem in these times infested with narratively dumb and unnecessarily violent games. We hope to follow this path in many.

fimo, Nov 28, 2017

This is one of the best "feel good" games i have played in a long time, The music, the game itself and the puzzels are all very good, i like the story and felt for the "little boy" in the game, thats not often that happend with a game :o)

Tectonik, May 26, 2017

I have been following this game closely with a lot of interest and it is so far living up to my expectations. It's nice that some developers out there strive for this kind of gaming experience that is all about what you feel in its world. Now I will need to take a look at other games from Tequila!

LifeHistory, Jun 5, 2017

The game looks alright if you play it at very high settings otherwise not. Its not bad of a game and could be enjoyable if it ran well. The reason the low score is because its very demanding for such a cartoonish game and I could not play more of it because I hated the bad performace. My PC plays every new game on high/very high setting and I get pretty good FPS often 60FPS. With Rime I cant even get stable 30fps at low settings and with low settings the game looks like Sh*T. I can't understands how a game with such graphics can be this demanding its no excuse. (Basically a very BAD port!)