Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages Crack With Activator Latest

Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages
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Released date
Platform PC Windows
Rating 77 / 100
User rating
Downloads 1418
Genre Action, General, Shooter, Shoot-'Em-Up, Top-Down
Company / Developer
Triple-B-Titles / Triple-B-Titles
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Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages reviews ( 7 )

theeDarkhorse, Nov 19, 2013

The quality of the visuals (be sure to turn up the graphics sliders in the options) nuanced weapons and inertial method of ship control make this game special. You dont steer your ship, you constantly try to out-steer space. You dont shoot rockets at enemies, you shoot at space and hope they connect. Im playing on easy because im relatively new to space shooters. The last one i played was 'The Galactic Plague' for amstrad 64, back in the eighties. Time to see whats changed...

BorisBernato, Dec 31, 2013

I watch your game at The Next Game Boss and I was impressed by it. Its huge space, the choices and gameplay was really fun and I hope that you will think of doing a DLC for this game or maybe even a second game like: Ring Runner 2.

VoxSomniator, Jun 26, 2015

An amazing game. They really undersold it on the steam page, when I was looking at it there I was expecting another standard arcade-style shooting game. But the story is beautiful, the customization is a huge feature (They say "dozens of ships", there are 57), and multiplayer could be amazing if more people were active. Deserves much more popularity. If you like sci-fi stories, exciting combat, or even just the customization, this is a good game for you.

Netherking, Oct 28, 2013

Ring runner is a space shooter in which you can customize almost every atom of your ship, and the ability's range from summoning a comet from another dimension to throwing your enemy's into the terrain. It is a nice looking game with good graphics and randomly generated backgrounds. It has 20+ hours of great story driven campaign that will keep you playing for hours. the multiplayer has multiple gamemodes that range from gladiator mode which is a one on one deathmatch to a league of legends style battle. it has a few bug's and crashes occasional but other than that it is a great game

Jetfire, Dec 7, 2013

This is a very fun and engaging little shooter. Think N+ meets asteroids and geometry wars PLUS a huge story mode and ship customizing. For $8-10 this game is a must buy if you have any interest in the genre.

Nyurena, Jul 14, 2013

An amazingly addictive, beautiful, and unique asteroid shooter with some Rpg upgrade elements. The good: Zany story, with many fun, geeky physics references. Tons of upgrades and full control of your button layouts. The art and music are a large step above most 2D space shooters. Many ship styles with actual differences in play. The bad. It takes quite a while to unlock the ability to change ships, mod them, and have access to the store or research. (But you'll be making plenty of money before you do at least. It does also teach you the ship classes.) The Upgrade interface is fairly clunky, but manageable. The research is done in real time or with Plex, the game's currency, and the research only unlocks plans in the store. (Yeah, you must buy them once you research them...) The bottom line: This has kept me happily shooting away all weekend and shows no signs of stopping. It's minor flaws don't hurt it one bit. This is a thoroughly fun game that you NEED to get if you ever enjoyed Beat Hazard, Altitude, or any asteroid style 2D shooter. (Note: I've only played the single player so far.)

GreyHunter4, Dec 14, 2013

I really like Asteroids and Cosmic Rift type games (top down space shooters) and this one does a lot of things well but has a number faults to its name. Without going into detail I'll say the game is pretty heavily single player campaign driven (it has a very inactive or dead multiplayer) and the single player campaign felt a little tedious and not rewarding to me. Reading or skipping a bunch of dialogue text, then off to the next waypoint to kill or pick something up. I can't really motivate myself to get through it. As you play you unlock a bunch of stuff and money, and the ability to research new stuff. All of this you can use on different ships to customize them. Sounds all very cool but it didn't feel very intuitive. When I went in there I didn't really know whats what, or whats better than the other 20 upgrades I have. When I did take my customized ship out for a spin it was 10 times worse then the default one provided for me so that was a little disappointing. I never really felt like I was improving my ship or accomplishing anything as I went through the campaign. Also, give me reverse thrusters please. Navigating in a 0 gravity environment when you can only thrust forward is a pain.